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What governs our lives besides government?  We must address the influences that impose upon our will beyond what is conventionally assumed to be “The Government”, or the impulse, the natural impulse to be fully and freely you, me, we might be throwing rocks from inside our own glass house.

I am an anarchist. No, not the rock throwing destroy everything kind, if that truly is a kind. I believe anarchy to be the highest state of freedom, but it only works if we are all on the same page, at home or in the world.  A universal enlightenment. Sorry if anyone thinks they are actually cut out of creation or independent of it.

That burst my free as can be Utopian balloon doesn’t it?

It does if you think humanities problematic behaviors are unsolvable.  The question becomes; when can I trust you to not accidentally or intentionally inhibit my life by your actions into my life?  Personally, I have no plans to take advantage of you; to take from you more than you earned as is done under some scheme. I am living a very low impact life, not adding to pollution at a whim, buying very little and recycling materials I create when deconstructing something.

That said; I live in the USA, and you and I are adding much unhealthy elements to the air, sea and land, while in some respects imposing our will on the world without overt permission.  As a would be anarchist, I have much accounting to do over our collective actions that I as a voting citizen have some accountability in.  Unless the idea of anarchy is to avoid being held accountable by natural law as well, then it not much more than a convenient abstraction delusion escape clause.  Being a real and responsible anarchist, and not an oxymoron, personal identity issues, as well as philosophical tenets, must be addressed.

I believe that when humankind is both healthy and communicative over needs(= full relevant information access), and aspiration, we can do away with government as we know it. No one to fight, no one to bribe for votes, no one to blame. This will need be the case one day if we are to survive, particularly if we step off the planet to explore the next shores. At home or with friends, one can now be as anarchistic as one wishes to be. To see how that goes by trying it, would be a first place to start.


I am sadly amused when I read blogs about conservatives being anti-government and liberals pro-government, since if one looks at history, both sides can be in great states of denial. To some extent some liberals completely forsake economic realities that are not changing very fast without a spiritual-understanding revolution, which will probably be forced upon us by shock and an awe of a regional or global kind, and not gotten to through our “higher angels”.  But I am for calling up our higher angels when we have that kind of courage on our own.  It is better to add health to the world than to take it away, but therein lay much identity obfuscation.

Then there are certain conservatives that seem to think anarchy is fine for their business or self interest in some predatory Darwinian dominator based psychology, or more accurately, dysfunctional ego grandeur hardly disguised by their superiority complexes (hiding insecurity/inferiority self haunting), and accompanied cognitive noose around the neck convictions. Sure they hate certain liberal pro-government notions. Those are contrary to their detached individualism’s psycho-spiritual assumptions.

Don’t tread on me and I won’t tread on you

I am mixed in practicalities about the libertarians, as I assume they are about themselves. They are part made up of both the right and left; want more direct say in their lives and reject what seems like undo external influence of organized power structures that obstruct the individual. Liberty abstract and pure, yet where is the real context of each individual being?—-in an interconnected web of world relationships.

It is fantastic to feel I am self-regulating and need no other comments on my doings, unless I trample on others rights.  But that is often the back burner issue; do I know for a certainty that my freedom is not oppressing you?  If I dump my motor oil on my property, do you really have no say next door or a mile away?

How about when your water from your well gets laced with carcinogens leaching off my property? Still not my problem? It seems some libertarian energy comes from the; freedom to do what I want but not be held accountable unbridled escapism ego opportunism lust.  Might be why some freedom loving folks try to undo science with its interrelationship consequences and all. To me, and I think of myself as a libertarian at heart, some libertarians kind of live for a future Utopia, where they are untethered by others consequence, without necessarily looking at present realities close enough to see how they will creep up on them, and perhaps crash their balloon.

I happen to love people on all these philosophical and political stances. Without an interrelated platform for agreement or conflict resolution, what resource will you have if you know I am poisoning your water table, yet you also know I am a arrogant “individualist” who listens to no one?

One of the most important issues in human cognition, or lack of it, is cognitive dissonance.  Once I’ve formed my identity with tags linked to nice abstractions, like freedom, I may well contour my self reflection and my view of the world to avoid knowing where and when I am self contradicted.  This sort of ego adaptation will leave its psycho-spiritual contortion festering within the self.  The experience of consciousness then becomes more problematic, given that ignorance, as a kind of firewall, has become instituted in perception.



No!  Not the secret agenda!

Who wants to hear your religious jumboed mumbo?

Why! Why did you have to go there?

Being on spaceship earth is a big abstraction to some, so lets imagine that International Space station, or you can make up your own closed human ecosystem.  Well what happens if I get disgruntled and poke holes in the wall?  What if on a space walk I go about tearing off protective coverings cause, well, I’ve just had it with all the idiots in there.

One person. One decision. One intention. One problem unaddressed. One idea left to fester. Just one lack of cohesion, one big enough, and a whole space colony could be destroyed.  If put into our real place with its interrelationships, we have impacts that ripple out throughput the whole Commons of Life.  We need an agreement, even if only a consensus reality made to appear real; that I can trust you and you me.  Otherwise…

Most all humankind has had transcendent spiritual beliefs. Your own love may be viewed as a transcendent or metaphysical glue that holds you and someone or thing together in a kind of invisible gravity of union. I feel that in a deep fundamental way, we are always acting in manners which we belive will make our love healthy, no matter how wrongly we may try to force it.

When humankind grows past its fear, threats and insecurities, when we know we are all inside spaceship earth together, and it does matter to each life what the other is doing, we will emerge into some kind of theocentric non state. I believe we will all act on behalf of our higher angels, and because of that union, share the mysteries and revelations of Creation, possibly with symbols and rituals that keep the reminder ever-present of the abiding transcendent Cause.

I can assume I am caused by the universe or whatever manifest it.  I can also assume, as through physics and cause and effect dynamics, that I am endemic to existence.  I can even assume that my consciousness is not detached from wherever consciousness exist in the scheme of things, without knowing how we exactly conceptualize creation.

Our modern minds seem to believe they cannot know a thing without fully describing it and deconstructing its rules of being.  One trouble with this scientific like objective premised assumption is that we know all the parameters of a thing, and of the context it exist in.  Spacetime seems to suggest to our senses that things are separate and self cohesive, but this view of the outer world is a self defined appearance reality in part dependent upon kinds of peer agreed to consensus realities.  Actual reality may be another matter.

But Metaphysics and Mumbo-jumbo?

No, Humankind, as spiritual societies, will not force religion onto anyone without their permission, our spiritual core will just fit into life seamlessly. If the universe is not in contradiction, and we are of the universe, I expect a state of essential non-contradiction in spiritual matters as the case of Life as well. This is then a premise of a latent, intrinsic Utopian (from our current viewpoint) spiritual anarchy impulse, that can well possess qualities and even beliefs of parts of some or all of the aforementioned belief systems, and even some not mentioned.  In one manner of defining this; what is true is to be honored.

Can humanity have truth as its guide while not completely conceptualizing Creation?

The difference will be that there will be no contradiction between each consciousness and collective humankind.   Differences will engage reason and definition of individual vision with a logical means of resolution of disagreement. Your spirit, in some ways untethered from dysfunction, will be able to soar higher than likely you or I have known, and not necessarily by designing a self in contrast to the worlds of others…

Unconditional Love has that guarantee. No one is stopping its anarchy, but ones sense of self limitations will limit ones awareness.  When external government is gone, we have a Darwinian feeding frenzy, where your neighbor does have the right to grab your stuff.  Get rid of Democracies government; the alleged will of The People, and we will likely have corporacratic and or theocratic replacement by an oligarchy.  Those interest are actively working against government by “The People”.

Real government ultimately cones from within.  Freedom will be real when external government is allowed to die.


What a tree believes when reaching out?

Or does it know without question?

A rational universe

Truth defines the real self

Even if I cut this tree down

There is one governing equation


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