WHAT ABOUT NOW; a meditation on the present moment


Since I cannot get out of now, my past has relative meaning, my future is entirely speculative, no matter how much I plan, I am stuck in this middle. So what happens to you?

So we speculate upon life, and to death, upon a relative end to now. Yet it is not now that ends, it is a relative relationship of experience and abilities referred to as memory and self expression that is either left to quickly disintegrate with bodily processes, or else remain present in now in some other dimension(S) and or processes. The latter leading to much speculation regarded as guaranteed, one way or the other.

Now is so certain, we gamble on the future with certain abandon. Patterns of interaction become the crumbs we follow as we explore our lives. These become attempts to influence the future by intervening with intention in the vibrational fields of the now. All matter and energy exist in vibrational patterns, so this is not news.


But what we each chose to do or not, is news. Our influence on now sets up permanent alterations to the future. We are both individually powerful, yet collectively completely codependent, as a drop of water in the ocean. We are also equally dependent on the laws of the Universe, whether spelled out in religion or science or still unknown, it makes little difference.

That we all originated in an infinitesimally small mathematical point singularity, is considered, a ridiculous theory, or if accurate, means all things have a common identity and origin to the Original Now. Not too unlike a God manifesting all things. Whatever the absolute truth be, by its nature, it is only questionable by relative ignorance. Unfortunately, human abilities of comprehension and understanding guarantee relative ignorance, practically no matter what.

So what?

We are then, all in this now together, all changing the future in some ways forever. Ones presence in the now, then, never truly leaves and was implied from the beginning.


Chaos, entropy, uncertainty, randomness; they are the kindest gifts of all. They give us a chance to have meaning in our lives, to change the universe by our being a focused function of its ways unique to our time and place. If we presume we are not all in this together, we are lost, in some respects blinded. We will then emit that vibration into what we do have remaining (subconsciously and physically) of the all that we are made of. This will likely bring to us a certain chronic negative experience, being that it is vibrationally dissonant.

The negative, or sense of negation in the self, can be a great point of impulse for enlightenment towards healing if for some reson one is cast into the light of enlightenment-understanding. Or if instead our error is defended with walls put in place to guard it, it becomes magnified in some ways by “living” in whatever the error is. We are somewhat able to read the levels of dissonance or disconnection in one another. However, if we are entrenched in our own disconnect, those disconnected like us may seem “our kind of people”.


Now will let us explore our past to adjust vibrations as known in feelings and emotions. When done, this is a great aid in understanding present consciousness in the living moment of now. Not trying to explore and understand, or pretending the past never happened, is to throw away the book of knowing lessons we each were given.

Not understanding our errors and growing out of them, we are left to perpetuate them into the present, their vibrations moving out into both the physical world and the metaphysical. We can set up our own vibrational trap around ourselves, leaving us with a personal lens that sees the world of relationships inside the same error. This can leave me in some ways dead to the now, the present experience of life and being, in effect, withheld.

Here, right now, is about that quest to know in some clear way, the medium in which we are always intimately related to the truth of being. Known or not to our minds and emotional adjustments.

Have a good one. Your future is both up to you and completely tied to Creation. The apparent paradox is in the perspective.


I’M STILL DECIDING. Give me a while!



We have the population poised for mind-blank. Fill in the synaptic connections.

We will forget who got us into the mess we are in as a nation. Fear will turn this mushy swishy middle voter, into fallen over sure, wishing once upon a fear.

Unfair. May I repeat, unfair and out of context story-lines will be created. Good people will seem sinister, the swishy swashy middle fence sitters will tumble to the side spewing the most vile and veiled innuendo. Its weight pulling them as if by cause of reason.

It happens every time!

Works like a charm!

“Did you hear who so and so really is? Shocking!”

They suggested we were tired of the mud, the out of context and ground up truth made into voodoo dolls, but the needles stick into the straw every time!

Sure the confident “polar opposites” may be unswayed by the manure spreader, rightly or wrongly. It is that mind-crunched middle, musing over who knows what; a certain word or concept focus groups have found to be a sword, a hammer, a bullet, who knows. They will make up that confused and ambivalent mind of theirs, or sit out until someone tells them what to think, a friend or family member? Possibly a smiling and sincere door knocker, a promise made to someone over the phone? They do this stuff for a reason!

Then the once confused will feel the power. Their vote will become pointed, like a weather vane into the breeze of localized mind controlled zeitgeist.

With a heart of wind and metal, they will become; the decider. They may receive a little sticker after that, saying, “I VOTED“, as if that actually meant something to be proud of in their instance.

Then they will return to their field with outstretched arms and funny hat; hay sticking out from their cuffs, hoping against hope, to keep the thoughts from landing in the field and consuming all of their confusion. In this mission they will, until next harvest season, or a fall burn-off, be quite successful.


Tornadoes possible today (March 18-08) in parts of east Texas and far east Oklahoma, Louisiana and a large swath through the middle of Arkansas. Heavy rains from Austin TX to east Pennsylvania. Tornado warning at the moment east of Fort Smith Ark. spinning out a bow echo squall line southeast of it, a speedy line of storms maybe 50 miles long.

It has been quite a winter for tornadoes, hope we’ll get them out of the way for spring and summer, but as far as I know, it does not work that way.

I’m glad I never became one of those tornado chasers. Sometimes when you hear them talk to their van of tornado tourist they sound embarrassingly braggy about the tornado they find. Of course I imagine they all inspire awe and you have a certain mystery of its uniqueness and what it might be doing. But those monster super-cells that has the mother tornado in the middle (more or less) and smaller ones circling a mile or so away around it. Sure that storm you are chasing does not have one of those dropping right over your heads?

As a kid I chased butterflies for my collection. One would run through fields of thistle chasing one, later to find your pants covered in blood points from all the stab wounds. Come home with nothing much. Then while at home, see just the kinds of specimens you were looking for, time and time again, cruse right over your fence.  Unfortunately, funnel clouds and tornadoes have kinda done the same.