Apparently not!

I checked out the WordPress tags on it. I seem to be the only one who, rightly or wrongly, has connected the dots on the two. At least on WordPress blogs. I am the only one home there! Like it was my turf or something.

That was not intentional. Every few days it seems I write a post with that tag on it, and I get checked out on them. I did not realize I was the owner of deceptive politics. Whom ever checks the search must also think there could be at least a remote relationship between the two concepts.

So, I clicked on my other referrer checks to see if for some reason one only gets ones own writings referred to. Nope. I was already off the scale on the other ones today.

So to all who check out my personal blog tag site; WELCOME!

Pull up a seat.

But you must question my premise, since I am the only one hinting (apparently) that politics is in some wacky and crazy off the chart way, deceptive at all.

Perhaps it is this writer that is self deceived and all politics is truthful, in context (being politics) and so the epitome of redundancy to describe it as somehow, let us say; skewed from upright honesty.

I will leave you with a photo, just to not have you only immersed in all my deceptive ramblings.


West view from the yard at sunset.