Apparently not!

I checked out the WordPress tags on it. I seem to be the only one who, rightly or wrongly, has connected the dots on the two. At least on WordPress blogs. I am the only one home there! Like it was my turf or something.

That was not intentional. Every few days it seems I write a post with that tag on it, and I get checked out on them. I did not realize I was the owner of deceptive politics. Whom ever checks the search must also think there could be at least a remote relationship between the two concepts.

So, I clicked on my other referrer checks to see if for some reason one only gets ones own writings referred to. Nope. I was already off the scale on the other ones today.

So to all who check out my personal blog tag site; WELCOME!

Pull up a seat.

But you must question my premise, since I am the only one hinting (apparently) that politics is in some wacky and crazy off the chart way, deceptive at all.

Perhaps it is this writer that is self deceived and all politics is truthful, in context (being politics) and so the epitome of redundancy to describe it as somehow, let us say; skewed from upright honesty.

I will leave you with a photo, just to not have you only immersed in all my deceptive ramblings.


West view from the yard at sunset.



If it were not for right wing delusional conservatism, I would get old. Luckily, their out of context proofs and points are a wonder to behold, since they never apply the same lens to their own record or doings. Introspection, not to happen.

True, your generous and giving grandmother is now considered a socialist-communist sympathizer by her actions and all, but they don’t get it.  Divide and conquer folks.  When everyone has to be into everything just for themselves, organized larger predatory forces can pick that “We the People” over like carrion.

The endless whining train called right wing news, radio and the rest (the vast conservative “talking head” advantage), broils when a liberal (otherwise known as Nanny state terrorist enabling hate America first commie pinkos, or NSTEHAFCMP’s for short), brings up one of their own contradictions.  They who put the brand on first often claim ownership of the concept from then on in the disabled intelligence compliant media.


Liberals overall are a diffuse bunch, so the right wing challenge was to stuff them into bags they could label for easy compression and distribution. Hence the endless tagging and framing of liberals into near omnipotent sinister forces out to take from you and give to themselves, kinda reverse Robin Hoods. Now just deluded hoods.

Luckily prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance are still easy sells to emotional manipulator’s who know how to line up the facts to fit their theories, and spread them far and wide as the air itself, so real. We have just experienced the tragedy of 7 years of this overt attempt to overthrow democracy, and imprison freedom of speech and powers accountability to We the People. All while our infrastructures goes to potholes. War profiteers and oil gluttons rake the cash right out of our hands. But did you hear what the preacher said? Booo! Scared you I hope. Vote from fear.  Hey!  That was so simple!  Who knew?


Luckily the whole pretense of Iraq is now off the national radar as of late by a 15% to 3% ratio (5-1) decline, letting the fiasco and diversion from national security issues seem like a plus to the party of the might makes right, right. How convenient of the liberal press to work so well in their opponents(?) favor. Now we can focus on the important things, like what the more liberal parties candidates preacher thinks, and how scary white people should be about the mysterious unknown black guy messiah. The Pied Piper of the gullible. Or so the story line goes.

Imagine the disconnect, the denial, after just witnessing perhaps the most corrupt, incompetent administration in American history (no criticism allowed or you’re out!), that kindly had its own party in control of the whole no oversight disaster we are left with. Yea. I’m sure a tax cut will fix that as always. Right. And now they use our own vulnerabilities as hostage to additives put into law to grant all the deceivers immunity. My, that Big Top Tent of the right is one heck of a mosh pit.


Oh yea, and more of that parties moral and ethical superiority, plus its inherent fiscal discipline (hee,hee). Now that is funny! That spells strength to those in the dark. Those without context, those kept from the truth. It may be entertaining to hear the deceptive presentations of the right wing con-servers, but it leaves me sad for the future of our nation as it atrophies under manipulative technologies that throw the joke right back in our own face, once deceptions have seduced us. The tears of a clown?

Unfortunately, the humor of the right wing circus depends on the rest of us acting as; the clowns.

(Oh no! I have just fallen into a trap! I am a blame the clowns first liberal! Shame, shame on thinking! What was I thinking?)

Imaginary Chicago tornado

The Weather Channel (OOOH! my first TV report!) just showed one photo of Oak Lawns 1967 tornado (F-4, EF5), it effected some nearby towns as well. 33 killed and 1,000 injured.

They premise the one hitting downtown Chicago on a Plainfield Ill. tornado (F-5) in 1990, still a bit away from Lake Michigan.

Anyway. If you missed the TV speculation, they often replay things the same day I believe.

I am just curious if anyone has seen an EF-3+ tornado two miles from a Great Lake or an ocean. That would be interesting info.

But it is good to err on the side of safety, during any weather watch or warning.

Here is my story of that day.