THE FAKE ARGUMENT (attack and run)



It is meant to deceive, but seem as a revelation. One needs to first be aware of the “feel” of disingenuous reasoning. Barack Obama, in particular, is now up against bloggers and pundits who give their ad hominem ways, away. But J.M. and H.C. are targets of such attack as well.

When your argument uses an opponents middle name, but you do not use the middle names of other candidates, you are leading the argument out of reason. One post on my tags today, quickly set up its game plan with this manipulation.

If you are going to use one candidates questionable associates (or genetic or family history) as evidence of some grand conspiracy, point out how the others, in comparison, do not have questionable relationships. Accuracy as an aspect of fairness, denotes what an argument is made of. It is that simple.

The facts are, that all of the current crop of candidates have associated, one way or another, with people who have their own fascist like beliefs. Like it or not, Americans have beliefs that span the spectrum of political and religious notions. One would need a miracle shield to always have avoided all of them, or who could seem unsavory in a certain light. That is a reality, to put one out of it, is fakery. Someone you talk to does not also translate as to being your brain, heart and soul if you come into office.

Cartoons, and manipulated or out of context photos are used by many sides to depict their sides choice as wholesome or otherwise cued to their interest, while the opposition is treated unfairly by image perceptions skewed to the presumed negative. If this is how I chose to see the choices, I am at the mercy or propaganda disguised as fact. I might have a right to think whatever I wish or believe it, just does not make it the truth. I can be quite sure to be some bit away from truth if I am easily influenced by ad hominem associations.


I put this out there for everyone to consider, to let some know how pretensive an argument can seem when it is built on the above charades, or cardboard card walls. To those who couch opinion in suspicion and specious reasoning while never owning up to what the truth actually is; you are both easily debunked and simple to see through by the manipulative mechanisms you chose for standing in for proof or truth. You count on the deception staying hidden. Hit and run, is the moral and ethical ground you are, by association, implicating to your own side.

The object is to scare people so fear overrules reason. I must then wonder why you chose a path where truth checking will meet the most resistance? Why critical thinking is the last thing you seem to intend to have about your own ideas presented as the way it is?

What is the truth about manipulative campaigns designed to disguise actualities, and present instead, slanted opinions masquerading as truth? Campaigns have psychologist, focus groups, some “think tanks”, linguistic experts and whatever else will allow them to present language in ways that make their own candidate seem more close to you than the others.

The easiest way to generalize and focus campaign expenses into the most bang for the buck is to use manipulative technologies because they work if not brought into the light. They can even have an impact if the light comes on too much after the attacks damage has been done. We see tactics in use meant to turn a persons strengths into impairments by negativising the context of those strengths. “Swift Boating” tactics seem to have now become a crutch campaigns rely on to smack their opponents in the leg with!


To manipulators of mass deception, their greatest fear is pure inspiration. They live in a subconscious horror that their ruse will be seen through, rejected, and honest truth take its place. The “vision thing” is feared for being the uniting element it could be. Manipulative politics is about both dividing and controlling for ones own agenda. You may well notice how the whole of society is generally not inspired directly by an impassioned vision that includes everyone, not just in abstractions, but in heart-full wisdom. We have candidates who at times plea to their base in these ways, but not so much in ways that include everyone. That is the dividers nightmare.

Here is to seeing through both false and selective vision, to seeing how united we have to be to address the issues of our day. Here is to lending an ear to anyone who speaks to the needs of the whole, above the biases of their base.