FINISHED ONE FOR NOW + adobe photo

Projects report to self, and mysterious others who come around to post tags, and regulars.

Well. How are you today?

I finished the one stucco patio wall project with window, for now. Now it enters that curring phase before this one is getting painted. My back and neck had too much irritation so now I need to take it easy. Don’t know how much of the exciting home weeding project will get done given my circumstances.

I have a complex concrete and stucco project at home to start soon. It involves adding block, tearing through pre existing concrete to get to pluming that was installed incorrectly, and since, settlement has caused it to crack and leak. Plus put in a little concrete wall to support a failing outdoor sink area all connected. In this last year and a half I have ended up doing more concrete than woodwork, which is a change.

My going native adobe project storage area where micro-burst tore an old shed roof of last year.  Blowing up photo shows old metal roof pieces sitting around, waiting if they are good for anything before going out to recycling.  Photo looking out from the front third of the space.


I made those bottom walls to a future height to serves as seats for who knows who. Adobe raised garden bed in the front of photo. It is in the most remote part of our yard. A skylight is letting sun hit shovel handle in photo. Skylight, as front aluminum roof, made from salvaged materials. Adobe from sand and soil in front yard, 300 feet and 20 feet down to the north.