I read some tags again. I must say that many of us out here hovering in cyberspace do have a lot of interesting points to make.

One guy (I assume) had quite the post on tribalism, evolution, social theory, top predator as self predator-hard wired. He began to explain how, we more advanced types need to impose anti tribalism notions back onto Africa to save them from themselves, or from us, I got lost in the bad is good and good not so much connections.

Circles began to form around the rationalizations. I wondered why, if as this guy said; the “dark side” is not as bad as we seem to think, it might have worked for us so lets try it on them again. There is an institutional bias if one sees history as the permanent overlord of human motivation. How can we be sure of any derivations from fateful out-workings as being “good” manipulations?

Tolerance was stated as a higher place of mind, which I would agree with. But take the mind-frame out of human supposedly higher consciousness development, and where are we that is actually that much better? Is not that Doomsday Clock still at 11 something near midnight, thanks to all our supposedly enlightened associations ? African tribes have not particularly been the cause of this Doomsday Clock have they? (Excluding the realization that we are all essentially of African stock.) What about our favorite church, companies and governments trying to have it all their own way in the world?

From who and how is enlightenment going to be imposed on anyone? Is not Iraq deconstructing towards tribal states? How much imposition of the “better” way really works? How often do we repeat these attempts before the hands on the clock strike twelve?


If the argument is human enlightenment or death of the species, seems quite clear we need enlightenment. I agree that much of what is bad in human nature is there for survival reasons. I do not believe we need to impose another boundary on someone other, from on high, to achieve understanding. Indeed, that now seems a most mechanical, social engineering approach, by those who consider themselves, for any reason, superior.

If imposing institutional order is the only true way of ending human attempts at self annihilation, there seems to remain a problematic reactionary impulse to external human mandates on behavior, regardless of holier motivations. Whether left or right or other orthodoxy, most nations seem to divide in half over the see-saw of which ideas way to go. It amazes me how the two halves then blame the other for problems, while all they have is solutions. Until that pendulum swings and we go back again to the other side. Most religions deconstruct in these ways to many sects (who is the most pure or interpreting correctly abstractions). When will there be this great understanding, given by institutional prescription? Or is there something intrinsically wrong in, effectively external institutional, attempts to impose order for the greater good, despite the individuals own understandings of it?

In all the abstractions of historical perspective unknowingly wrapped in its own views bias, do we ever actually get beyond the individuals responsibility to recognize the Universe her or himself? Is not the real truth apparent in It? To what extent have human consensus realities and all their precepts interfered with the individuals abilities to know self and come to know higher orders of yes and no regarding motivations and results in space-time of social interactions and other environments? What stops humans from a greater awareness of place and interconnectedness beyond eventual reactionary tribal identities?


There seems to be a more fundamental human problem; the removal of inherent authority of the individual to know common good as self good. And how to stand up for the personal work to achieve higher understanding based on a selfish self-centeredness that extends to the Whole Universe Itself. An awareness despite the attempts by others to insist ignorance rules self, society and nation-state, and so institutions must impose control. How much more advanced socially are we in the western world, when paranoia of others is so easily put in control? What is left out of the I know better than you equations, regarding individual responsibilities, which actually is the bedrock of humankind?

Why is Love of and for all things, or for anything as far as that goes, never mentioned? How is that phenomenon that makes life most worthwhile, left off of histories or scientific radar?

FINISHED ONE FOR NOW + adobe photo

Projects report to self, and mysterious others who come around to post tags, and regulars.

Well. How are you today?

I finished the one stucco patio wall project with window, for now. Now it enters that curring phase before this one is getting painted. My back and neck had too much irritation so now I need to take it easy. Don’t know how much of the exciting home weeding project will get done given my circumstances.

I have a complex concrete and stucco project at home to start soon. It involves adding block, tearing through pre existing concrete to get to pluming that was installed incorrectly, and since, settlement has caused it to crack and leak. Plus put in a little concrete wall to support a failing outdoor sink area all connected. In this last year and a half I have ended up doing more concrete than woodwork, which is a change.

My going native adobe project storage area where micro-burst tore an old shed roof of last year.  Blowing up photo shows old metal roof pieces sitting around, waiting if they are good for anything before going out to recycling.  Photo looking out from the front third of the space.


I made those bottom walls to a future height to serves as seats for who knows who. Adobe raised garden bed in the front of photo. It is in the most remote part of our yard. A skylight is letting sun hit shovel handle in photo. Skylight, as front aluminum roof, made from salvaged materials. Adobe from sand and soil in front yard, 300 feet and 20 feet down to the north.