SAY WHAT? UH. I ALREADY KNOW THAT. SO? I wasn’t talking to you anyway.



“And we could not say it on TV if it wasn’t true.”

Now that might be a question. To be or?

I am surprised to see so many political blogs merely state what was just reported on TV.

The blogosphere can be a conveyor belt for many things, but personally, being a substitute TV set is a little below my naive expectations.

Oh. I imagine it is exciting. You hear or see something that is really interesting to you and you pass it right along, I can get that, but for politics, I’m a getting tired of hearing what I already know. Maybe I am asking too much of my fellows. Expecting too much originality. But telling me who just won whatever state? If I was a politico, which I am of sorts, I would likely already know that, or soon find out. You could have told me of your near accident today. Or a new bird seen outside your window this morning. Now that would say something of who you are, aside from the TV.

I just read a post on my tags that was literally a repeat of what the talking heads were saying, and I wonder who the passer along-er is? A recorder? Each primary day seems to be filled with regurgitated TV news, which after about 5 minutes is no longer late breaking, especially on political nights.


I know I am being rude and picky in a sense, and you could be rude to me about my stuff, but at least my stuff is my stuff mostly. I am not in love with my TV set, and am a bit sorry for those who are. There are shows I like and try to see somewhat regularly, but guess what? I am not going to be typing to you all the time about what just happened on them. Nope. Not gonna do it.

I would like to hear of your life, just not so much your TV life and TV latest breaking TV stories. I would not mind if you put them on in a manner that shows a tag, like, tag; just saw the news show want to hear?, that could be a tag. Put a category like tag; Science Fictions Channel show talk, and hey, I might go there. Tag; discussing Ghost Hunters, cool, I might check that out too. I’m for that straight forward TV show review. Even a political repeat with a question for thought on the end would be of some merit. But repeating reports? “How cool is that?” (Direct TV add woman).

(The elitist opinion above does not necessarily reflect the views of this post, nor of the authors sponsor, who happens to be himself, nor of our advertisers, who happen to be nobody.)

As for my day, it was back and neck breaking, more news to my body than of world events. I am looking forward to going to bed and letting that tension subside. Quit taking it out on unsuspecting bloggers just being excited. But I must ask. Why do spell checkers not have blogging and many computer lingo in their data bases yet? Seems a bit absurd. End of days complaints.

You have a good day right now though. Whomever you are. That is an order from your monitor. Yes. You are looking at me!  Have I ever told you, Hi?