Tomorrow is the big election (or not) that decides what the new interpretations will be for how losers are winners and winners are losers. I can’t wait to hear the rationalizations. I guess those will be for the Democrats.

People have interpreted storms a punishment. They have claimed responsibility for diverting hurricanes from their predicted path. This presumes that a hurricanes path is known days in advance by NOAA or other weather people who are always right ahead of the event. Dubious proof indeed!

HOCUS POCUS can you pull a chad out of the hat?

I bring this up since as of late, “Comedy” TV shows are touted as proof of media bias to one candidate. Polls and trends, or mysteriously perfect “momentum”, is now described as some law akin to gravity. When they are proved mistaken by facts later on, well, there is your proof that everything heretofore known is wrong. “It is alive!” Our new interpretation, then, deserving of extra merit.

Cable news shows will be an open public study in thoughts and opinion going out of control. Listening to the spin and punditry will probably be a better laugh than the alleged Saturday comedy show Oracle.