DIGITAL IMMORTALITY and other eternal illusion delusions of grandeur



It is amazing the narrative often advanced by some egos; that they will change things forever, leave their mark.

Reality Context Check

As long as we live on earth, our days are numbered, not just yours, but everyone’s. Marks and making differences of many sorts will be incinerated, and like the dinosaurs, the future will be irrelevant for our efforts. This points to a vital necessity of now.

Now, if we become a space faring civilization, a lot of what I said changes for a very long time. Even at below light speed travel, it is not long in prior adult concept terms, that our whole galaxy is populated by us. The thing of that is, even with our limited speculative abilities on such long term scenarios, we will have evolved into those space aliens so many science fiction fantasies are based on (but not necessarily always mean and dominating). But always being, in each own way, dependent upon now for everything real.

If we manage to retreat scientifically, and not move off into our outer worlds, we will face both the annihilation potentials of this one; both cosmic and human made. In that case some projections have us not around all that much longer in earth time terms. All your achievements, your doing it for yourself, or your family, or some other legacy, all likely rendered mute in days to come.


I believe all now’s are always connected, so I have been a bit misleading about everything being obliterated if you do not think like I do. But it will one day (day on earth time terms) when it will be right now 2 billion years from now, just as easily as we are 2 billion years from some time ago, and it from the one before. It was easy was it not? For here you are in your instant of life. Oh, you will be gone in the blink of an eye. That is assured.

Philosophically, in our belief systems, it seems prudent to treasure the past, and if we do so treasure our ancestors, this wonderful planet and our abilities to explore further, we must leave that door wide open to space exploration, and not retreat from the greater mission we are potentated with for the thrill of discovery and challenge, if not the Will of the Divine.

It is always this now, this wave crest we ride. Each thought and action changes the ripples, influences the Whole. I have no doubt in this.

But for now, whenever you can, take a look at all the Love that is around you; the privilege to Be, in effect, a chosen one, the awesome responsibility to focus on what we will, the ability to let go of hostilities and embrace giving unconditionally, whenever I so will. That is the Divine connection to now. We are endowed with a certain image of It. To deny It and try being It ourselves is Its most challenging gift. What a giving Creation this is to allow this freedom to imagine, even falsely, who and what we each are.

I trust we are up to this challenge given to us. Each entitled to see through illusion or not. Each entitled to live free or not. Each entitled to embrace Truth and Love, or not. In any of these and countless more ways, it is Now that makes the difference.

Photo from back yard.


Now I must go shopping for construction materials to finish making a “permanent” masonry wall, that will one day fall. But be filled with definition of all now present in-between.