I often have this glitch that has the tag page pop up then blank out, maybe leaving a couple u-tube click on’s. No such luck this time.


There it was, someone caught dressed up in the act of being different, but in a suspicious supposition.

There is that out of context photo going around of Barack Obama wearing a genies turban. No. It is a photo, taken in 2006 during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, showing the Democrat duded up as a Somali Elder. Do men wear dresses in Scotland when visiting their tribe? Are they then proved to be sissy’s? I don’t think so!

It is shocking to view how easily mislead we can be by fear, real or imagined, or tailored right to our insecurities! A post said it proved he was the enemy of us all. “Wake up!” My goodness! One is really born every minute?

Unfortunately, if a person went insane and killed people, and that person once talked to a candidate, they will be said to hang with like birds of a feather. To some that is the end of the story?

The shame in this, is the ignorance masquerading as revelation. That prejudice and insecure identities must resort to ad hominem tricks to change minds. If that is the kind of people some of us think the rest of us are. All I can suggest is to open your mind and heart to other viewpoints, get more information about true context. Face value can be completely fallacious. And if you are sincere; pray for enlightenment in regards to the vast and differing worlds of others.