I often have this glitch that has the tag page pop up then blank out, maybe leaving a couple u-tube click on’s. No such luck this time.


There it was, someone caught dressed up in the act of being different, but in a suspicious supposition.

There is that out of context photo going around of Barack Obama wearing a genies turban. No. It is a photo, taken in 2006 during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, showing the Democrat duded up as a Somali Elder. Do men wear dresses in Scotland when visiting their tribe? Are they then proved to be sissy’s? I don’t think so!

It is shocking to view how easily mislead we can be by fear, real or imagined, or tailored right to our insecurities! A post said it proved he was the enemy of us all. “Wake up!” My goodness! One is really born every minute?

Unfortunately, if a person went insane and killed people, and that person once talked to a candidate, they will be said to hang with like birds of a feather. To some that is the end of the story?

The shame in this, is the ignorance masquerading as revelation. That prejudice and insecure identities must resort to ad hominem tricks to change minds. If that is the kind of people some of us think the rest of us are. All I can suggest is to open your mind and heart to other viewpoints, get more information about true context. Face value can be completely fallacious. And if you are sincere; pray for enlightenment in regards to the vast and differing worlds of others.


A trip about philosophical-political blogging. Then going shopping for construction materials, another chore and then getting some actual work done, in fairly nice weather.

I keep fleshing out my fixed pages, while sometimes doing a morning post before the days activity.

Today I wrote in the morning about conservative and liberal non sequiturs. The power interest in the culture and world that has us bickering over philosophical misunderstandings. Being all right and all about our liberal or conservative notions, while the real power brokers use democracy as a kind of public diversion. The chasm remains; as to what is sacred in each of our hearts, what parameters we define truth by, and the context in which we hold our ideas as complete in.


Today was more block and concrete making do. I have varying stages of development going on in raising and connecting two walls, which have as of today a nice metal 18″by18″ decorative window. Tomorrow I have varying issues to continue with on the wall as I let the concrete and steel reinforced lintel to set up before I let it become completely bearing. I like having multiple projects going at a site in case one does get hung up for a little while. There is usually no problem with that desire.


In politics. It is inconceivable, but true apparently, that wearing a pin or not is a true test of ones patriotism. To be set up in that stupidity and believe it is true, is an insult to the patriotic mandate to be honest and truthful, let alone, allow for free expression (and not require cult conformity) on such personal matters. What next a cross test? Wear the cross or you are apparently satanic? Baloney!

Liberals are the cause of socialism?

One can usually find conservative or right wing post on political tags. I had found one and was replying to it; downloading parts of the Declaration of Independence, Bill or Rights and Constitution. I did this to select large parts that can be construed to be under the assaults of conservative interest. Interest wishing in conserving their power and authority over those documents.

The wedge issue right has done well in their very well funded long historical attempt to change the meaning and intentions of the words of those documents.

Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the space bar and for some reason all was lost. It might have been serendipitous to you to shorten this post.

I must note that Mussolini noted that Fascism is actually Corporatism, a collusion of corporate and governmental connections to “set up” society to their benefit. In effect, a kind of corporate socialism. Currently, what passes for democracy here (remember you do not have a “right” to vote) is easy pickings for dominator ideologies that impose systemic hierarchies akin to authoritarian, other than communism’s recent attempts to seduce liberals into a totalitarian control from a master class.

I know we were told we have the right to pursue happiness and all that, but, the dirty work a nation requires to be built, and let wealth display its more godly privilege over the whole, requires some endemic or intrinsic disparities to perpetually exist. The elite privilege that wealth bestows on one becomes mute if there is not a “pyramid” of human and other resources to prop them up. This fact can be so close to personal identities that it is invisible, like the nose on ones face. There but out of sight, and probably not to be drawn attention to.


A kind of conspiracy then, exist to keep life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a perpetually truncated state for those who have less for one reason or another. People go hungry, not just in the world but in America, while someone is buying a solid gold pencil sharpener for someone. A great divide must be both kept in place and seemingly out of sight or reach. Great expense is given to maintain this status quo of privilege.

Steal the money, inherit the land and sell it off, hook or crook or hard work, money makes all with enough of it, equals in their quasi socialist state, the full fruits of society, just for them, often handed to them having nothing to do with merit or hard won sweat of the brow.

Many aspects of our culture are now in contradiction with our founding documents; the right to bear arms for civilians has been rendered a good wedge for the right but a test of stupidity in many respects. Some of that intent was to prevent both external and internal tyranny. Well most “arms” were of limited sorts then.

Do you really think you have the right to your own nuclear weapon? If the government, controlled by who knows who, decides your cherished guns are to be taken, science has now given them many options, you do not have, to get them from you. No need to pry them from ones cold dead fingers. Gas, micro delivery of certain substances, electromagnetic, microwave and other energy weapons (or drugs) will have you gushing to give your guns away, and those of your friends, when the government is so armed. You however will not be. End of one of the second amendments primary intentions. This is just one point.


I am responding to a post that mentioned liberals misread the founding documents (actually he said just the Bill of Rights) to enable their socialist agenda to bring tyranny. Where has this person been these last 7 years? Suspension of habeas corpus, political retaliation for truth telling, various scandals that point their way right to the top, that post that said liberals do not respect the Bill of Rights seems to have eyes shut held under the think tanks murky obsessions. I believe it must be in one of those right wing “conservative” bubbles, that only allows one way interpretation in. A conservative “think tank” is (no, not an oxymoron) a bubble making machine, drawing attention away from full human realities.

What is missing from the; all I got Is all mine no matter how I deserve it philosophy? Well not solipsism! The world, life itself, is made up of infinite connections, including our relationships. The now brain washed “individualist” is often walled into an identity that amputates its full human presence and experience from the Whole of Life. And now their are mechanisms in place meant to keep us there.


If you are responsible for poisoning the environment, you don’t want society to hold you accountable? What kind of free nation is that? In the abstract (free for all chaos) it would seem true that the big bad government is taking money out of your pocket, anger and paranoia ensuing. But what you are doing if cutting the tax on you is passing it (the problems) on to future generations where it might well be an exponentially more difficult endeavor to correct? But I get your self righteousness over being forced against your will. But it is your problem that your will is blinded by the “right”.

If I do not contribute to fixing the infrastructures built by much (Oh boy bad word!) collective effort, who will? The foreign nations we are selling them off to? I hope they are trustworthy.


The so called conservative party just tried, and still can succeed at its permanent majority. What of tyranny then? “K Street” project was to punish businesses that contributed to Democrats! Have you watched the news, have you seen the character of many of these manipulators and hypocrites? Must not have, since a cults myopic perspective still seems to dominate your socialism in liberalism view.

I am saddened by how betrayed so many conservatives have felt about the last alleged group of them in office; laughing at the Bill of Rights, ignoring the Constitution, racking up record bills, endlessly fear mongering, unilaterally breaking treaties (our word!), using the not so free press to push deception as common sense conservatism. Liberals can feel their pain! They have seen their own betrayals by the powers that be and their stranglehold over the definition of “We the People”, and the collective common good implied in that definition of a nation.

There is nothing new about our predicament and state of affairs. Liberals are not to blame nor are conservatives. It is what I call the dark side of ignorance that is served by confusion, apathy, and its heart stopping ideal that understanding can never succeed at human liberation. To that proposition to stop forgiveness, cripple understanding, enable sophistry and ad hominem emotional stimulation to wedge the population into reaction. Darkness is indeed a power to be reckoned with.

Yet strangely, when hearts open, ignorance and confusion can vanish in the Light.