I looked at my tag list again, and since it has politics; liberal and conservative in it, I get to read how humbly but absolutely certain we are, that we are on the side of good and honest. You, on the other hand, I do not wish comment from. I write my polemic and you keep your punditry out of it. At least I have seen examples today of this proclamation.


Most of us think we are true to ourselves, unless we are purposely lying to someone online. I do not tend to see my own hypocrisy in areas I have not scrutinized closely enough, or where the self protection psychological defense mechanism called cognitive dissonance kicks in to avoid my looking into incongruities in my philosophy or beliefs. That doesn’t make me right however.

Since I value liberalism for its freedom loving, and for some, responsible interconnection to all things, I tend to let liberals slide on our contradictions or blind following of what is said to be a liberal value by someone on liberalism’s side. I do believe that liberals overall, need to listen more closely to conservative interest to try to get to the heart of the matter, which is often a somewhat camouflaged insecurity fear, behind a conserved superiority notion or liberal blame buzz frame.


As a human being, I cannot comprehend being against health care for all. Sure, have special care for those who want the freedom to pursue “better” care. Keep the private health care system going for those who can afford it, of course! But do not leave people to die or not have preventative care out of some callus so called moral reason. Who said money equals morals? It was once a conservative tenet, in some old circles, that money if the source of all evil.


I do not care if for some emotional or dysfunctional disturbed reason, that you cannot or will not work. If we are human, we still care, even if gratitude is not returned. Since when is love and caring a strictly reciprocal “deal” or contract? What kind of humanity is that? Seems like differing space aliens using sign language to trade spaceship parts for their robots.

People who are alive but supported by a society for whatever reason, still pass money on to eat, or one way or another, all the other necessities for existing in society. That contribution does not dead end there. We are willing to spend more on defense than all countries combined, for our insatiable fear of everyone else. But what of helping our own citizens for a tiny fraction of that, who are in trouble for one reason or another? No. I cannot go with you on that, cause I have heard that is not conservative values.

It ends up we help farmers some, yep in “conservative” states. We bail out corporations, some. We get pork deals for our votes, some. We take money from the public till; and as we have seen under the so called conservative breed in recent years, the reality check is, that they are the biggest pork and wildest spenders of all. (I have come to call much conservatism, hyper liberalism.) But do not help someone poor out! That would just encourage them to do nothing!

What kind of consciousness lives in such dichotomy, yet still has the time to point the same finger out at liberals. Would we help pick up an old person who asked for our aid if they fell on the street? Or just walk on by as to not interfere with Gods will? Well check the hand while pointing, cause three are pointing back at your own heart.


Since World War Two, conservatives (their manipulators) have been out to “warlordise” the population into post industrial feudal systems. Especially in the last thirty some years, huge fortunes have been spent to breed conservative “ideals” or “values” into the direction of the opportunist and predator. It has become lazy and easy to be conservative because there is such a deep well of ad hominem logic poured into the airwaves and out of “think tanks” and even pulpits, to make sure money and blame seems to be closer to Godliness.

I can get my teeth fixed and my heart looked after if I inherited, stole, have a rich relative maybe, or hard earned enough money to. If not; too bad loser. Is that the high ground conservatism sticks its post into? It is, if one is against health care for all. Or else one is a misanthrope. Much vocal conservatism these days, seems more founded on quicksand.


I have come to call conservatism the dry rot of civilization, because it eats away ones humanity from the inside out. You can look responsible, dress nicely, have a golden home over the sea, go to church and agree at the terrible state of a permissive society, do all that and be hollow inside.

Someone posted recently, quite a list of prominent conservatives who changed sides on specific issues as soon as it hit their family ( ex. Mrs. Reagan and stem cell research). I believe many conservatives are hiding stealthily behind a hardened heart, listing, thanks to propaganda, many attributes about withholding here and withholding there. The whole tax and spend wedge frame is fraudulently placed solely at the liberals door. Are soaring oil profits not putting any dent in your wallet? How about global warming and depletion of resources and pollution?

But when the storm hits, or a beggar pulls them out of a burning car and gives them the shirt off of his back. Well then, some floodgate opens inside. Our common humanity and connection comes rushing out.

It is not about tough love or hard love. It is what happens when one allows into ones life; unconditional Love.