WHEN WEATHER GETS IMPORTANT—the sky may be falling.


This photo I took happened to have the markings of a “pulse engine”, alleged in some UFO circles (not crop) to be the signature of an alien technology departing from Area 51.  I thought  this aerial artifact was not unknown from our own jets, but some say no.

In the late 1990’s, I was in a hot tub with a friend one weekend during the afternoon.  There were some large trees blocking some of the view of at least 5 silver spheres that seemed to keep somewhat regular triangular alignments.  I thought; what are those some weather balloons or some experiment by the U of A.  We watched them slowly go out of view over a few minutes.  When it happens, you just do not know what to do with what you see, especially when deep in hot water.  Nowadays I would think I’d go get a camera and film them.  They would look just like the ones often shown from here and there around the world. Silver Spheres.  I also have some childhood memories of unexplained phenomenon in the sky.

Weird weather can catch our attention.

Weather was once a critical ongoing need of ours to observe, to daily evaluate the elements, especially for farmers and people otherwise out and about, past the cave door-hole thingy.

{And just for your information. When I was four or just five, I built a snow making machine. Well, it was a contraption of boards, springs, rope and other free objects that stood a few feet tall in the garden when completed. I waited for it to bring its magic, but it did not work. Kids can be inventive about magical concepts.

But I do remember standing like a fool looking at it a month later, it slightly broken down, as a few snow flurries drifted around. I flirted with the idea that now it might have come alive, but then thought, that was just wishful thinking. This thing had absolutely no influence on the weather.}


Tomorrow is scheduled to be a brisk and stormy day here. With wind, and rain, maybe even 7 inches of snow. So my plans are up in the air, or dependent upon the air, as I veer from the pun.

Once I thought UFOs (if they exist and cared to hide) could come through earths atmosphere through thunderstorms, since I imagined that (now days radar) red spot of the storms radar blob a good place to stealth-fully drop in by. Then do whatever it is they do here. Presumably golf on empty golf courses. (Probably implicated in many golf course lightning strikes I imagine.) Of course I was ignorant of other kinds of radar that may be able to see through the storms hidden agenda.

Speaking of hidden agendas.

In the early 80’s, I encountered a woman at the house showing photos of nice big lenticular clouds (see below). She insisted they were pictures of UFOs, and since she saw them with her own eyes, no one could tell her differently, she confidently boasted. I assume she noticed how they seemed to stay in place as other clouds went by, with their often disc like shape. Absolute proof of intelligent design, or an out of view mountain beneath the air flow. (If air movement is a god of yours, I meant no offense regarding intelligence.)

Took these lenticular clouds today2-24-08


I guess for most of us, UFOs are more unpredictable than the weather. Just a wild guess. Some would surely contend otherwise.

Since I have seen some unexplainable objects, I have no knowledge of why they bother to pay attention to us. We may be like a reality show to them. In fact, I think I just figured it out. They hang around to get higher definition copies of our TV broadcast, which in interstellar circles, have become quite a collectors item. The new ones fetching a lot of something or other, since they are not forty or fifty years old and in black and white. Its all under the heading; HUMANS GONE WILD! NOW IN COLOR!

Here is to tomorrows encounters of any kind.

Remember to look down occasionally so you do not trip on some misplaced golf club. And if a bright light blazes down on you. If its daytime, maybe its just the sun. But no point looking straight up at it, one way or the other.