I just read a post with this title below

Religious Left Misrepresents Christ’s Message

It was short, unlike most of mine.

It told how several left evangelicals are aiding and abetting the poor and sick, which the individual declares is wrong, since they are that way BECAUSE OF SIN!

That is a new one to me. And I may not represent it perfectly!

I have heard that the religious right had turned Christ message on its head, but it is shocking to see it so nakedly claimed. Perhaps John Deans book; CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE, would help some break through the cult stranglehold. I would suggest the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, but those seem to have become an anti example.

Many old tribal cults and new age cults beliefs have this; problems are all your fault! What have you done to deserve them? Now you are subservient to the finger pointing at you expert. Who prescribes ideas to ostensibly heal your wicked ways.


Since you are not perfect to your beliefs, especially since you, your family and friends will get sick, even die one day, you must forever tow the ideological lines fear based premise. If your child is born with leukemia, exactly whose fault was that? Or is born poor in Appalachia? Does God make the habit of punishing the unborn for where they will be born or to whom?

I am not saying my decisions cannot lead to both a kind of punishment and illness. I am saying it is insane to believe the Universes Infallible Being would hold us up to Its standard, or condemn us forever for making a mistake, or accepting a wrong idea. We are human, right? Or are some of us the one and only God?


I helped clean up in the vicinity of a tornadoes path way back when. Did all the sinners happen to be in that line? Was I not to help? I volunteered for domestic abuse response. Is that a sin? Is that why I have a headache?

It was a profound experience in my life; helping those left helpless, joining with other volunteers to help those without a reason why, unconditionally.

When we seemingly came out of nowhere, not to proselytize but just to do unto others as we would wish to ourselves, a wonderful Spirit was present. I could imagine that having a profound impact on them (sinners?), as we did what they were unable to do alone. If evangelicals are to think this is taking Christ message wrong, shame on them.


I will tell these evangelicals of the right this; how dare you stab helping, compassion and empathy, (qualities of Christ), in the back! I missed it when He helped the poor, made extra loaves and fishes, walked amidst the sick. I missed it when he callously wagged his fingers at them and said they deserved what they got, for being sinners. Someone must be rewriting something opposite for new reasons. Reasons that will be blind to blind followers.

Tribal cults, new age cults, and apparently some evangelical cults, believe they are entitled to judge as if they were God, or knew of Gods hand. One is then left as the cult members are. Never good enough (Oh I have a cough! Hide it.). Never pure enough (Oh. I had an accident, I am being punished!) maybe, but was the “sin” moral or of merit? (We have a drought, so lets sacrifice a virgin, to appease god.) Or was the message; watch were you are going? Or that car just came through the light and hit me out of the blue? Do all objects collied for moral reasons, religious virtue?

See how confused you can be kept when under mind control? You become unable to think for yourself in any rationally objective way. Well you got sick because of a sin and I am here to tell you not to sin and so be well. Will you accept Christ and be healed? Oh, one year old with a fatal illness?

Cults (yep, I was in one once) will also use the negative, as a positive, it is a test of your faith, or it came to you because you were strong enough to handle it. This is not so unlike the compassion one is extended when you are told, Christ needed your one year old in heaven. They are in a better place. (There is a point where ‘mysterious ways’ are nothing more than cold blooded rationalizations for having no insight left.)

But if they (victims) got there by the sinister force alleged by some evangelicals, that better place may well be because they are away from you, or is it them?


I can see why a cult wishes you both directing scorn and retribution towards your inner failures of belief; but that they would project them out into the world, for what seems like demented or politically callus reasons, proudly, and over their vast multimedia platforms, is quite a black magic art.


  1. w-o-w.

    So I am poor because I am a sinner? This baffles me, since I volunteer at my church, waited to have sex until I was married, I do not lie cheat or steal, and I devote my life to God (and thusly, love). I am shocked and appalled that someone would believe that Christ’s message was primarily about sin, since Christ himself was reviled for eating and being housed by sinners and tax collectors and prostitutes.
    Hm. I am starting to suspect that there are two different Bibles, and I have been reading the wrong one.

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