We now enter sideways through scratches on tainted windows, past slashes of sunlight that leave the scene inside be-speckled to its murky corners. Alas, one thing comes creeping through the air full of dust lit debris; it is the era of the candidate surrogates.

We will not actually know why they say so and so is so; and so the other one is better. The reference will be all about name recognition of someone supposedly stable, and well reasoned of character. Being that they know so much more about it all than us. Words are to believed as being sensible and particularly sane.

If we stand back, we might make out the scuffling of back-lit teams. Some speak of special experience relative to their favorite, while the other side says the reasoning is specious, drilled through and through. Filled with nothing more than the substance of tubes full of worm castings.

Most learned professionals in their fields, albeit often hired punditry and of good patronage, will demonstrate in most sober and reasoned language, how completely fallible the other one is. Indeed. It will conclude there is hardly a true comparison to be made. But how mistaken so many of us seem to be, for being just too naive or taken in by excitement, or novelty.

Sophistry at its most sophisticated will attempt to sway your interest with well placed insecurity issues clothed in murky facts and conclusive innuendo. Even some liberals will be provoked to side with a more conservative host, since, at least conservatism seems to be a more certain known.

Fear works its magic though vibrating strings of mistrust, its music residing unfaithfully between two ears. Words seek us out from multiple directions, or is that dimensions?

So which so is so?

I don’t rightly know.

I am a mere victim of both my past and the medias unknown and at time unknowable accomplices, party to a competition for the image of someone other than I, but alleged to be on my side, or not.

My only advice to myself; chose who seems most honest. To do that, I will look back at what they said and did. I will compare them in the interest, not just of my place in life, but the whole nation and world.

It will take some scrutiny, this outsider check for honesty, and I will most likely not let you know who I decide is more truth telling and trustworthy in my said requirements. For you have your own chance to compare.

But I am afraid my emotions regarding contradiction, and bias masquerading as secret agents of covert fact, will prompt me to declare:

That is dishonest and I know!, because I know the experience from my own, well, taste of my own dishonesty.

Beware, out there in the jungle of misinformation, the surrogates are on the lose, and we are their oh so willing prey.