WAR OF THE WORDS: whose will you follow?

It is happening as usual.

Who is for what?

Who is the opposite of the other ones?

Who is lying?

Who is being proven false to their words?

Who has the experience?

Who has the right kind of experience?

Who does not have the wrong kind of experience?

Who is hard enough?

Who is too soft?

Who is trustworthy then?

Who is to be feared?

Who is promising what I need?

Who is saying what cannot be delivered?

Who believes in what?

Who is inspiring?

Who is fooling who?

Who do you think you are?

Who will actually make a difference?

Who has not a clue?

I do not know who I am to ask these questions, but they are being asked day and night.

Words will be the weapons. They will be used to dig trenches. They will be used to throw tar whether true or not, the stains will stick. They will be laced with images, making the words grow into realities, whether true or not, and the perceptions may stick. Words will be taken out of context, packed with explosives, then delivered to the public at large, possibly leaving damage beyond repair for some.

Words are, come election times, mine fields of unique impact.

We are entering that dimension of time and space, were the normal is suspended more than it normally is. We are called to spend extra time in words. And if we do not connect the dots as to the intentions behind those words that bombard us, to form our opinion in one or another direction. Who will be the fool?

As the Who (old rock group) once said; We will be fooled again!

I hope you did not believe me there! I believe they said the opposite!

We won’t get fooled gain!

But with all the questions that will remain unanswered.

Who is really hopeful that truth will be served?


These are just from the hundreds of vendors just along the interstate as of yesterday.

Where their are billions of beads!