Now don’t get me wrong. The socialism for the rich way of life We have, would be scary to lose! We must frame our privileges to the inadequacies of the masses. We must have the mask of inevitability, and invincibility, permanence!

First we must stake into perception, unequivocally, humankind’s inherent evil nature. This is necessary to derail trust of the other.


You may have noticed how a child, will beg to help; help cook, help paint, help with chores, they all seem to do this when young. We must bury this indication of an essential helpful and responsible nature to mankind. If we do not. We will not stay above the masses. You will be seen as equal to the servant, the kid vacuuming out your car, the ditch digger!

Remember how reverse psychology works for Us? If I tell a child they must do a chore or else, they can actually resent helping. This is an essential pivot point of perception to grasp. It reverses the Old Ones Will! It helps promote division and resentment, things We will make great use of later on to Our everlasting advantage!

Our force of imposition actually helps to breed resentment and laziness, and Oh Boy!, can We ever use that as a bat to hit that Old Liberal over the head with ad infinitum! Threatening and forcing can produce an opposite, and all to Our gain!

Make no mistake My friends, this is war in heaven!

I give you what they call temptation; true, but I give you protection from its side affects that He tries to make you guilty with. You do not require forgiveness from Me! I only bless your gains. What modern man has called cognitive dissonance, is My insulation for you to your own dysfunctions and value transgressions. It is I who let you lie and still not acknowledge it within yourself!

This is how We make Our own Holy ones. Their hearts hardened and tempered from their own inner fire of contradiction! That melts and breeds the coin dear ones! Now that is an insurance policy you can take to the bank!

Notice all Our servants caught in their own lies out there in the public world? Sure some have been shamed for a while in the public eye, but just one liberal caught in a lie negates all Our followers deceptions! Our sycophants will see these fallen ones as our hero’s, taken by the liberals greed for what is Ours.

That, My dear ones, is the power of abstraction and cognitive dissonance combined in My Divine Union! We are well on Our way to the One World Corporation, where My followers will live as King, as Pharaoh, as God; while the meek peons inherit the earth to work in Our codependent service!


Fear, my friends, fear will succeed at defeating hope more than anything else, it is the potion that acts as universal loves antidote. Fear is loves opposite, we must ingrain the need to hate others. This is like taking candy from a baby. There are countless established contrary interest to face off against one another. Thanks to Me.

I told that Old Liberal that sending a Pathetic Son would not stop Me.

Turning the other cheek lovey-dovey, and butt kissing your enemies, would be rejected once fear took the chariots seat. But did He care? Who cares! That’s what I say! We must keep that collective care, love, and that all for one, and all that crap; a helpless, hopeless, dream of the delusional. That is, unless We have some opportunity that these notions might benefit! All His Goodness is at Our disposal! We will use these as weapons when We see a predatory advantage to gain. We take no weapons off the table! It is the opportunist way! Compartmentalize to gain surprise and grab the prise!

We must promote division, between religion, economies, social classes, the sexes, only what serves our own private interest is to be promoted, the essence of conserving status. Remember this; most everyone can be bought off. That is the beauty of stress as a motivator, and a seducer.


Don’t you see the beauty, the perfection of this My contrary design? If life is dependent on money, being poor is to be avoided. But there is the trap! We have our pyramid schemes to keep wealth flowing in up top to Us from the masses. They MUST stay under Our Talons! They are to be preserved by conserving their inferior status at all cost! This is how Our conservatism conserves Our Dominator Hierarchy. Make no mistake about that!

We have the poor over the proverbial barrel. They do not desire to be poor, it threatens your survival for heaven sake! We have them in Our hands in two ways; We declare that money is, by nature, a reflection of self worth. This helps undercut any other metaphysical nonsense, like love your neighbor, or there by the grace of God go I, blah, blah, blah. What baloney!

No! We deserve Our bounty!

Also the poor are set up for conflict themselves, their presumed and assumed dysfunctional implied state haunts them. We guarantee an endless stream of stress of survival to manipulate as Our opportunity requires! And We create envy, anger, even rage that will help consume them from inside out, while fueling our fearful followers.

You see, they buy into the paradigm. We have so established survival requirements from now on, that money is the Saviors Path to earths heavenly bounty! Poor is not good! You get it do you not?! They feel worth less. Why? Because they are! Let them act out the part then! Wake up! Smell the sweat success I have provided to the predator willing to take what is his in My name.

The poor, with worthless feelings by My design, help perpetuate their poor position. Is some equal going to clean your toilet out for you, wipe your windows? Nonsense! We need these failures! We need perpetual failures, and blocks to all ascending to Our status! We need the individual to be in dire stress to have the work done on building the socialist state for each and all of the well to do by Me. I trust you are on-board.

Money gives you all the care and security, all the pleasure, all the position you desire. It is Utopian socialism in its purest state! And I will tell you this; I am for you getting it and keeping it and I don’t give a damn how you got it. I am the New God, and through money, I let you be at My Helm. Fear of loss, is in the mirror of motivation; the ultimate temptation!


Human history is stuffed with the evidence that the wealthy status wanna bees will kiss up to Our psychology’s set-up. We have reversed the flow of perception. We have unconditional Love bound and shackled to the lone self. With out Its full expression, Our followers seek Its opposite to dwell in! We promote hate by promoting conflict.

We have to scare the pants off of our followers. This is how we keep them in line, and by so doing, have them rattling the door of any who challenge our imposed assumptions. If you have a brain, you know how this is done; insecurity defended by force.

Force imposes an outside will onto ones own energy, this creates an equal and opposite reaction. It is in its temptations, My fellows, My energumen, to be as God and stop someones actions and turn them in on them. This is why We are the Reactionaries! It is in its basic tenet, a termination of life’s will, by that of another. It is what My conservatism will give you; endless adversaries to reproduce hate, easy control of society, and you, entitled to all you can get!

You need a culture full of failures! In religion, in economy, in psychology, lack of someone elses success equals your success! We promise those who look up to Us, self redemption, but on the one and only condition; THAT THEY FEAR WHO AND WHAT WE NEED TO STAY ON TOP!


Check out the airwaves and Internet My people. Our foot soldiers are whining about liberals as being free ride socialist bated loser’s non stop! Heck! We know we need all the loser’s we can get! Just don’t tell Our blinded sheep that!

Anyone who points out Our war on the poor We call a what? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an H and ends with a ypocrite. Yes ! It is they who are the troublemakers! You got it! Any contrary opinion than Ours can be called divisive and thus against the whole! Don’t you love Our existential catch 22! You should My warriors. I do it for you! We can reverse any criticism as being itself, the source of the problem! Ah! Circular reasoning! What would any cult do without it!

Remember; My Energumen, just as murder rates are consistently higher in death penalty states than non, it is up to US to keep the blinders on. We cannot allow the law of precedent to bring questioning into our sycophants psychology of resiting evil. We must show we are evil’s equal, yet do just that in the name of common sense and love of life. We are separating life here My faithful ones; Revenge is to be served as sweet and sensible. By cleaving the human heart and mind from the whole, it is We who provide the reason to poison the perception of how cause and effect are determined, truncating it at every turn!

Once We condition our followers to short sighted myopic rationalism, so called “higher consciousness” will seem patently absurd to them. It is a glory to behold My people! Reasoning of the whole is now bifurcated, then butchered on the chopping block, reduced to simple logic and surface judgement. Bye bye to the do gooder’s, hello to His old eye for an eye! I love taking His words and stuffing them into His peoples mouths!

Nothing preserves separation and alienation, like insisting on the intrinsic obvious value of being alienated from others, then insisting on demonizing them for whatever reason. So someone lives by the sword? Then they die by the sword! It is My perfection incarnate! Just don’t let those eye for an eyer’s know that the eye they poke out in the equation of equalization makes their own eye into a target in an others eye! Do not! I repeat! Do not allow the law of precedent to come back to hold US accountable or responsible for any blowback!


I give you ammunition My dear ones.  Example question: Why you do not wish to resit evil?  So you would have let Hitler just take over! See how easy it is, to first; not know the difference between resiting and the history of cause and effect.  Hitler promoted himself as resiting evil.  Every reactionary does!  Every terrorist and dysfunctional deviant nut job does! Duh!  It is always a matter of perspective and of definition.

Defeating Hitler was not resisting evil, it was turning it back upon itself in a particular place and time.  Defeating Hitler did not defeat war, evil, nor megalomaniacs from trying it again, as many a war is promoted as doing.  Thank goodness for that My energumen, or We might be out of our Ascension!

On the surface; war usually has its viewpoint from whomever’s side you are on.  Hitler was defeated, for people knew what his world plan meant for them.  They did not resist it; they defeated it on the surface for a moment.  They defeated a plan but not the nature of that plan. They conceived reality as the surface of the ocean and one meter under.  The whole rest of the oceans mass and power is off their radar!  That is base point zero in reactionary logic, and NOT understanding the true cause of cause and effect, nor the magnitude of its internal dimensions.

May I remind you, as I will over and over; We are NOT for understanding in any whole context.  We are for severing context to surface issues, then alienating the individual to one side or another.  Once reaction is conserved, embedded within the individuals identity, it is immune to question and objective like reasoning.  a reactionary of Ours reading this would simple reject the whole premise!  Perfect!  Now they are in a place to be used as raw capital! This is reaction! And this is how I permanently make evil; well, self perpetuating and IRRESISTIBLE!

Yes to death! We are for the death penalty in each and every instance! It somehow rises the murder rate as statistics dramatically show, so what. As I have demonstrated; our circular reasoning followers of truncated conceptions will not accept any authority in the contradiction. Instead, I encourage you all to defer to the goodness of killing killers. What could be more obvious; they are dead and will not kill any more! Problem solved! Our Hands are clean! We are for the good! Those liberals following the Big Old Loser Liberals Son, will look like wimps and accomplices to evil. How beautiful is that! Then evil can go on quite unmolested to beget evil. Simply wonderful!

I promised you I have My Ways of diverting attention from the really big picture of complete interrelationship and connection. Once this is done, and My energumen, it is SO easy, thanks to Me, to separate the individuals identity away from the whole, reducing it to surface appearance and decision, where My Rule rules! Like taking candy from a baby. I live in reactive logic My people. I need you to live there as well; where We are safe and protected by reactionary consciousness.

We put that now fake God on trial for His own words. And We hold Him guilty of harm! Guilty of Creation! And here My devoted ones, We take Creation away from Him! I am back! I am your Hero! I command you to act as followers of My Heroic Cause! For your loyalty to Me and My Ways, I give you whatever you can take. I give you society and reactionary logic, yes, but most of all, I give you the freedom from guilt and consciousness of the whole. This will bring you the bounty of Creation, and no guilt for possessing it!

Attack those who say We are like those We punish for acting the same way. Destroy the perception of a cycle of reaction as self perpetuating! Tell them We do it for the good! Why do they support evil?! Circular logic is that simple! Shame is that powerful! Poison understandings deep well! Make that liberal nuanced reasoning and complicated associations seem trickery! Simple finger pointing blame is so much easier! Keep perception outside of inclusive consciousness, and Creation is Ours!

Let Us fly together to the High Point of Heaven!

Attack all liberals at My Will

I told that Old God, He had not seen the end of Me.

I told Him I would be back!

Fallen Angel My Foot!

We have the Wing of the Predator.

You have the Talons of My revenge.

We will retake Creation from Him!

To all you who stay in My Way, I provide you an endless legion of sycophants to do the vile your perpetual conflict requires. I insulate you from the consequence off His Judgement!

I cleave the human image from Him. I divide and conquer Him. I do this for you; My loyal, My dutiful, My faithful energumen. And for this; your allegiance to Me. I give you riches beyond measure, just for the taking. I condition love, compassion, empathy, responsibility, to serve Our goals. We wedge Creation from Him!

For it is We, My devout ones, Who are taking over Creation. It is We Who decide what We will is real and what is not. Never give up on fear and hate My Children, it is Our path to the love we bestow on one another as We will. Not some Old Liberals unconditional wishy washy love everyone universe.

Unconditional love destroys fear. Destroy any perception of unconditional love being possible. Instead, promote the common sense of fear and blame. Now march forward My energumen and claim! Claim! Claim righteousness!

Life belongs to Us, My faithful ones!

Let us take what is rightfully Ours!

But do this in His name; in the name of Truth, Moral Values, Righteousness and Faith! Yes in the name of God! The safest place for you is right under His nose! At least to your followers!

I find the Divine Irony; sublime!

My undying Love to you alone;


(Excerpt from the Energumen Files; The Lucifer Letters.)





I like the cactus, its often lovely flowers, as a red-orange flame on top. It exist in this harsh desert environment, partly because of its thorns. Thorns of a sort protects most water caring individual cactus, from being plundered to death and extinction. Most all cactus fruit are edible

The current allegedly endless war on terror, is said to be necessary by conservatives of a sorts, because our opponents wish to plunder us and do away with such liberalism’s we enjoy. To do this endless job, we need, the argument goes, to draw back our freedoms (to defend them) and retreat into a quasi authoritarian state. Limit our freedoms, put them into conservative ideological hands, to save them from the enemy that hates them.

Liberals and libertarians who suggest that this is throwing the baby out with the bath-water are called terrorist appeasers. The most popular analogy conservatives of the pre-emptive force type offer, is how certain historical figures did not oppose the Nazis as they rose to power. Point taken, but taken to where?


The Nazis used this very reasoning; developing a superiority complex ideology, targeting Jews and many others as the devil (evil), then pre-emptively attacking all who oppose them. But here comes my real point about points on cactus or bayonets.

The values we cherish under the umbrella of freedom, were not handed to us through history by the good will of the Hitlers, Stalin’s, or Mao’s of this world. They had to be convinced we would not forever live under authoritarian tyranny. Most all of us have some ancestor or know of someone who is putting down their lives to stand against the will of one, by living as a thorn for the will of all.

Forces in the world that control social and economic interest, are attempting to place their own barbs, on challenge to their sometimes invisibly imposed authority. They wish, for whatever reason, to hoard life to themselves. They are reactionary in that respect, against the will of the whole, against the liberalism of Christ, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. They count on us to be spineless; to be pointless, to meander in a make nice mentality, where our own fear of defending freedom and self responsibility, for the illusion of stability, surrenders it.


Vibrant democracy, as vibrant discourse, can handle strong emotion. Freedom requires both expression of idea and need, and the will to keep it in the face or eroding “reasons”, that will leave a canyon between various aspects of the whole population.

Some may wish to live in a cult like atmosphere where no-one expresses their fears; where no-one shouts; I am hurt!; where no-one says you are taking from me and denying it by words and deed. The far rights vitriolic fear machine has many crouched in a corner, fearing a conflict if they stand up for truth and justice, or just a different point of view to theirs. They have done this even to the point of threatening to send their own private army to your door, oh dissenting one.

I can see the feeling to avoid conflict. Many of us would rather live in peace than conflict. I certainly would, but not by ignoring the truth that I know and must express freely. Many, as Hitler rose to power; thought their friends and neighbors would surely not turn against them. But many, by fears manipulation to survival, did.

I hardly believe freedom and responsibility are achieved and preserved without strong emotion. I see no evidence of this but in cults. Where the surrender of ones own will to the cults figure head, can hardly be called freedom or responsibility in any honest frame of reference. Democracy and freedom require vibrant debate, but they also then require extended respect, not threats to ones own freedom to express.


The far left and the far right end up at the same place–pre-emptive attack on the whole to preserve their ideological purity. Big idea differences but hardly any difference in behavior. Harm becomes a “good” to place on those other than yourself and tribe identity.

I am OK with those who sit out the pointed needs of our collective freedoms and responsibilities because they cannot take (or reject) the occasional pin point to their ego or identity. They are either ruled by fear, or absolute Good.  And who am I to decide.

But those of us who debate and show some underlying respect; that we allow differing ideals, ideas and opinion, that we, as they once said; “I disagree with you to the core, but will give my life to defend your freedom to express your beliefs.” If this be our stance, then we will maintain democracies blessing. But if out of fear we say; “Sure. Take it all a way. Just leave me safe.” Then democracy will be taken down in the desert of humankind’s opportunist ability to be, cruel and unjust.

I live for the day humankind puts understanding before fear, places compassion and empathy before insecurity interest. But until that day of love and peace flowers, as it one day must if we are to survive, its fruits will not be known unless the path to understanding remains protected.