On the one hand, the left one, we await the first Black president, a kind of precedent threshold that forever buries racist bigotry in the sewer it belongs in (fantasy).


But on that same hand there is the first Woman to be so near the presidency herself. That too is a sexism barrier in need of breaking. And as a man I must say; woman have been enslaved in more ways and over a much longer period than any particular racial group.

There are two muscles in that hand pulling in differing directions. Those two liberal implied thresholds are magnetically pulling that hand apart. We are not made of steel. But that review is about symbolism. What about capabilities and policy? Are not those always more important?

Unfortunately, I must say yes, because the president is not just about symbolism or breaking some barrier of a group status oppression. It is about governing our whole nation; managing it well; defending it honorably; and addressing issues that take all sides and the common good into account. This has been erased from politics in the US for some time now.


Both hands are able to fumble the ball, to scribble our assets illegibly. How many zeros is that?

One would think from the medias rumor of a right wing narrative of alleged contempt for “That woman.”, that stored in massive tanks throughout the USA, oil has been replaced by vitriol. Hillary must have had a Satan worshiping abortion clinic in the White House, where she and her kind ate the remains of both, the aborted and any castrated male parts laying around for appetizer. What in the world do they base their alleged hate for her on?


You would think he is actually a stem cell clone of both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Who, at their gay side wedding, signed a contract guaranteeing he would be sent to a medrassa, then secretly planted in the womb of America to destroy our way of life. Oh, and like Hillary; make sure the terrorist win. Meaning you will be eradicated, if you don’t get the fear cards face.

These are the elements of the Hillary-Barack paradox.

How much more easy is the other tickets two remaining players. All they need prove for now, is who is more a real conservative than who in which most important way.  Oh, and of course, how much money they want to lose along the way.

Perhaps that “civil war” can be called the right hands conundrum; which right hand is the real one?