It feels hot today, particularly in the sun. That is unusual for when the thermometer says 68 degrees. It is like that when the first warm weather comes. Come summer, even 80 feels cool. Luckily, even though in the southern US at the border, 4,000 feet elevation makes all summer nights cool, and most days hardly over 100 degrees. Not as hot feeling as back east (especially heat index). But Tucson at 2,700. feet can be quite hot and uncomfortable during monsoon season. We get a hot day or two then as well but not like our friends up North.

Still I have some dam work to complete today. I feel beaten up from yesterdays late go at it. Today, however, should be less involved and hopes to finish that project. One will hardly know it is there, but it will save three or four feet of further erosion in our back yard, and help some trees and vines with rich and wet sandy loam build up. The frogs will probably love the little pools of water while they last. FYI. Did you know the deserts are loaded with frogs and toads during the summer monsoon season? Often very noisy at night.

Tomorrow is probably my last Gem Show visit. I am hoping to find something affordable for gifts. I’ll take a few more photos for sure. They seem a very popular tag on my blog.

Thanks for dropping in.