DEATH AND TAXES; they are said to be inevitable, or sure things. How wonderful a delusion to think we can do without them. Just the promise of conservatism’s new (same old) presidential strategy. Be afraid! If the liberals do not tax you to death, they will let the terrorist in to finish you off.

The brainwashing must continue!

We need scrupulous oversight of governmental spending, absolutely, but since we share a world and nation, we must take care of things. Eliminating “Big Government” is a great shell game for the rich and entitled. Pork and bridges to nowhere, as well as wars that cannot be won by force, are a two faced hallmark of their control of all branches of government.

They know the common things must be taken care of or we revert to a barbaric feudal society. They are disingenuous fear mongers, with wedge issues and media manipulators paid to defeat the republics perception of accurate truth. With media consolidation and elections many ways of being interfered with, they are still going to be on their way to creating that one party, Orwellian state they mimic so eerily.

Fear seems to be the key.

Fear of the other guy, with no responsibility for yourself–the conservative cognitive dissonant mandate mindset (implied ideological purity). Explains well how any problem under their watch is automatically called someone elses act of irresponsibility, SINCE PURITY OF AN IDEA HELD TRUE, CANNOT THEN SEEM TO BE IN ERROR! Even though our land was attacked on their watch while they were diminishing the funding of the war on terror; Oh! It is what the dems. will bring upon you! Vote for them and die!

Fear is the key. The tax man takes your freedom away! Fear of not enough to make ends or dreams meet. There’s a no brain-er, as they say, since it is set up that most of us could aways use more money. Vote for them dems. and you’ll be pilfered to death! The repetitions of these common tags to frame our minds into mind fields of deception are flying out of the right wing side of some mouths non stop on the Internet, talk radio, and most cable news shows.

Who just ran up record deficits? Who was quite as a mouse about their parties plundering of the future in fears name (except Ron Paul)? Who is waisting down a hole, more of our would have been future investments than anyone? Who adds those huge taxes (I mean windfall profits), onto oil every-time someone Big somewhere sneezes? Then keeps the tax flowing in to them when they are well again! It is called conditioning. Soon things seem from one angle, unchangeable.

How about built in obsolescence? What do you know of that as a corporate tax on you? How many years have you worked (as a slave for someone in effect) just to pay for replacing poorly made goods? I remember how towns would go up in arms at a half cent city tax on gas just to get some common need covered. On comes the conservative mantras outcry! Off with the heads of the tax and spend liberals-socialist agenda! Oh how they can keep us all as; “Suckers!” Mr. religious President called his evangelical necessities for his election “Wackos”.

Now it is a catch twenty two thousand ways to be tricked, deceived by language, be hunted by the deception that keeps its arrows in you, only to have it offered again as the answer! And, so many buy that slapping of the tax hand in their pocket, while there are 3 hands in the others getting away with so much more.

We could call this last administration; 1,000 and 1 ways to fool your supporters right under their upturned noses. There is a certain understandable reason to living under deception; that you would logically see the truth (being contradictory), as itself, a deception.

Sure I am harsh here.

Conservative delusions of grandeur are sinking the planet and humankind’s chances for survival. Someone should speak up, before their clash of civilizations prophesy gains an unavoidable compulsion to a self fulfilling reality. Many are speaking up, but you can be sure more than death and taxes, that the predators of and on democracy, are stoking their coals.

Conservatism is a built in breeding ground for insecurity, fear, control and manipulation. That is why they are developing that cult like list of buzz words and notions that candidates are to sign off on or be labeled traitors, or worse; dem. terrorist enablers. If you think those new conservatives for hire are our freedoms defenders. That turnip truck needs some gas, cause you are going places. With the back gate of common good, pulled out. Hold on!


Who’s where?

Get real over who is in whose interest, and who is actually undermining whom, and where your government is going and why.


Cause the conservative party of pillagers (and some dem, enablers) are the last to be believed in any word they utter. This has proved so consistent a need of theirs; to deceive enough voters to keep true democracy in chains, it can be called; The First Law of Conservative Privilege Maintenance of the Oligarchy.

It would be nice if they at least delivered something real as promised to the mass of those they seduce. They do in a way that is intended,–fear, framed on their target audience.