First I am now having coffee.

I hear there was bad weather in the south last night. Forty something deaths. Tornadoes afternoon and at night, such a hard to deal with thing. Still are tornado watches out now.

Travel and examine day

Morning doctors check up. Noon time dental appointment, poetry reading at six, and maybe a Tucson Gem and Mineral check out before that. Plus certain store visits while in Tucson.

I did hear a report from a German news service on Link TV.

Prospects from their view of the US economy are bleak. He said for the last 15 years the US has not been addressing systemic issues, but treating their interest symptoms. 15 Years; he said; Of giving drug’s to a drug addict, and now with a record deficit. Only a long recession has hope of correcting the damage.

Oh Boy! Next 2 years to become more harsh especially.

Both parties to blame. Neither with answers.

In case fingers were and will be pointed.


I will be too busy for writing more on-line.

Thanks for checking this site out.

I would not do this without you.



Here is that ice formation from overnight freezing in round container.