then deception

take claim in abstraction

it is a key to a souls control

the aim of an act obscured

closed behind intentions

we have no means

of knowing

the real




and war

they are said to be

on fair playing fields

fair as in that alike way

that all of anything goes

nothing withheld out

in their completion

or competition


It could be said

just because we are

capable of horrible things

in the name of one or other

that we all get to visit them

free upon one another

inevitable fair




it seems able

to cause ecstasy

and extreme pain

it is odd to openly say

all must be fair about it

it may come and go now

old seemingly defeated

may be gone by neglect

without one knowing

what guarantee ever

made it fair or not

what right there

to claim it was

or was



If all is fair

in these two things

why keep fighting over

how someone else acted

what is the surprise

the issue


When often

when we win the prise

was it fairness in our favor

we thank the result

as fair to us


as destiny

or God

must be

on my




if it is loss

and now it is I

who must bare its cost

I proclaim loud and clear

someone was cheating

and must be



I am of the mind

to change the old saying

love should be free to be true

to be honest to what is in reality

how if not respected fully at heart

it will evaporate in truths light

enter up invisible into clouds

rain its bounty elsewhere

for it is itself,



It was always

up to me only

to be fair with it

and to accept change

if it be by truths call

in seeming fair

or not


But war

with its intent

to force someone

to do something other

than what they intend

no matter whose side

more truth is on

it takes away

without care


There is

nothing fair

about innocence

stripped and shredded

nothing clear anywhere

about men who lay claim

to take love away by force

what was someone elses

eliciting reaction

and hates




how they blend in

love with passionate killing

the excitement of the chase

how romantic a pure soul

how fair an noble cause

is surely a sound case

hating for loves sake

ignoring a touch

that antimatter



I see why

we think them

so alike

the pain

the broken lives

the innocence that suffers

as vanquished hearts tarry

over either word


But they are

of different name

love must be free

become itself same

a true bond to life


that is the

truth of Love

when real


But war

the world must be

free of it and its cause

love and war are no equals

we need zero tolerance for war

it should be barred forever

it should be imprisoned

with a life sentence

never to be given

a fair hearing.