This is that commercial famous (Justin) Mac. guy on the left, and Drew somebody on the right. I believe they are both movie stars. It is the older guy in the middle that this blog is about(in this post). I do find both stars to be what one might call sweet or charming in much of their work.

The guy in the middle is a friend of mine by relationship; he is my partners sisters husband. He is also a lot more than that.

He is a natural host and entertainer. He has been high up in corporate America. He has both wit and intelligence, plus the sense of warmth that you see the stars perhaps responding to. They are there for the opening of a movie his son is in.

He is an excellent cook who made the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had, years ago in south Texas. He and his wife have been recreational pilots, and can be said to both help companies get their acts together. In fact, he is an excellent Web site developer. He has also had to endure many physical challenges in his life and repeatedly come back fighting for the best.

I once suggested to him he could have a show on the Food Network. I know of his passion for food and his willingness to share all his knowledge on a subject with intelligence, humor, and entertaining finesse. I have not known him (in my understanding) to stretch or go beyond the facts. That is always appealing to anyone interested in the truth, no matter what it is. Being interested in the world and people, like a good host would be, he often has something relevant to offer on any topic.

I really do not know how the two side stars are in their everyday lives, but the guy you see there in the middle, is a real one.

(That guy in the middle sent us this photo with others, being glad and there for his sons achievements.

I have mentioned on my post how I have been both mistaken as certain movie stars, or told I could or should be one. That ain’t going to happen, but I am kinda glad to know some people do work hard in the acting profession who I get to keep tabs on. Their families can be glad for them and encouraging of their development, as in any other way we encourage someone to follow their bliss, as Joseph Campbell implored.

I do not worship “stars” or even wish I had become one, but you will notice that I have managed to make someone elses success, somehow rub off on my post!

Some people probably think I am the most humble and understated person they know in the public sense. But on my blog. I am the decider. Humility, be quiet there backstage.)


Anyone who appears in photos on my site do not necessarily know of or share the opinions therein.}


  1. Benefia: Care of the soul has left me relatively healthy again, that and oxygen and walking through trees and talking to the world, sometimes you have to let the clouds into your eyes and feel the first rays of the sun glance across your hands, and water that is almost ice glinting in the morning and the earth. The smell. Long journey for me, re-balanced my interior scales and now slowly, slowly walking, feeling my fingers again; forgot to analyse everything, still forgetting, let it go. Write it down, all the women said, and so I shall. Maybe not tonight. Are you storm chasing you cat walking trapezist? Hope so. it gladdens my heart to think of it, the unfettered desires of the planet and those who love it. Love and good wishes to your mob. Stay well
    Kate McNamara

  2. Benafia .. I don’t know where to start. How does one start after the words you have placed here for all to read. I am truly humbled and priviledged to have you post this. ‘Thank you’ certainly doesn’t seem to be enough, but it is probably the absolute essence of what I want to say. Your final paragraph regarding humility and understatement is in itself an understatement. I am truly honored to call you a friend .. I look forward to shaking your hand once again, the next time we meet.


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