Who are the blind tourist of which I speak? They are the one issue voter tourist, the special interest voter tourist. They are blind and being led by the same, to the cliff of democracy voting tourist. Their vote is that next step off of what we might call the free (relatively that is) individual.

Their political, and thus social and constitutional myopia, is so severe, just one issue determines who they vote for; the man, the woman, the tax cutter, the balanced budget promise, the one who chainsaws, the one who looks like he prays with our crowd, the business man-woman one, the one who poses for pictures with someone who looks like my kind of friend, the one who has a dog like mine, the one who smiles a lot, the serious looking one, the one my favorite interest group endorses, the one the paper says is the best. All these and more are the blind tourist guides of what is left of American freedom, liberty and collective responsibility. Those essential ingredients of a true democracy.

Issues that are presented to us by a compromised media are not the only issues facing our nation at all. Amazingly, as I write this, the first vote counts are coming in from Florida’s Republican contest. These come with one interest only caveats; McCain will benefit from the ex military living here, Huckabee by the evangelicals living there. What a way to make a vote choice? If we remain about how many interest our country can be divided into, well, there is the recipe for conquering. How in the world am I a responsible citizen if I only will vote for someone who, lets say; had the same job as I? Where is the ship of democracies lighthouse? It is in you.

I receive some replies to my post that mention; ‘Well I am voting for the one who, (fake issue) who washes its own dishes after eating. Anyone who does not do that is not worthy of my vote.’ Another proud American opinion with a cloth wrapped over the eyes, pin in hand to chad dangling tail on the donkey-elephant. Spun several times, then pointed forward into the abyss.

We have issues so fundamentally relevant to the value left in our supposed democracy, that being willingly guided by our pet issue is tantamount to surrender to whomever you like; the monarchy, the communist, the fascist (same as corporatist), the theocracist, tag the authoritarian/totalitarian one, cause that is what we will find at the bottom of the pledge not to ledge, shatter boned and numb dumb struck.


It was once said that money is the root of all evil. There remains insight in that statement.  Those who point out that I am wrong here in my assumption, that if was love of money, do not know how seductive idol abstractions such as money are–they hold deception and good in the same object.  While money is a symbolic focus object of effort, it cannot help but hide its true history beyond effort; the tricks played via ignorance, and this ignorance in action is evil no matter my good intentions.

The life ensuing or being empowered by the tricks embedded in moneys DNA can lead us to greed and envy; a sense of lack and neediness; a feeling of failure or euphoric entitlement. Kept just poor enough, and we here in The West have no time for discussing the sell out of the fourth estate. With empty pockets and bills to pay, I can have no time for musing over whether my vote is being counted at all. Working two jobs, when does one have time to read past the newspaper or the news show? Aren’t they covering the news?

And oh how I can resent being taxed, when someone seems to be getting something from the government that I had to work for! I resent it no matter how rich I get, nor how quickly I forget how others helped me along the way. The more I have (and so love to get!) I seem to resent it more and more. How easy a mark I am then, for anyone knowing how to take advantage of my money ideology all wrapped up around my eyes and life. How simple for them to point the way.  ‘Hey! Look how these low lifers are taking from you and giving nothing back!’


If we do not comprehend how money influences our views of the world and ourselves, we are indeed in the dark. We are then the prey buried in the sand, blindfolded head not knowing what the little bites are. The rope that lands near us is of the one throwing the noose around democracies neck. When pain is so close, it is even more tempting to grab the life line, later to find; I had been fooled again.

So vote your gut? Not at first sign of queasiness. Listen to the candidates code words; are they a conglomeration of special interest or a more inclusive vision? Do they seem capable of doing what they say with a passionate heart, and not the Kremlin kind? Does their plea to you go beyond asking you to open up even to those you would rather not think of? Do they do this, not when just holding your pocket book as bottom line, but holding your heart to heart, to care for other lives? Are they trying to keep you in perpetual fear? If so, you will so be kept blinded to the light and afraid. Love has Light and Fear has Not.

If you have no time to do these kinds of reflections, search in your communities for someone(s) who might be willing to enlighten you. At least that is a start to return back up the legacy of what has been eroded under our watch.

Find the time to care about the value of your vote before it is just considered, as a “conservative” president once said; “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a g-d- piece of paper!”