I know they raise their hands over the Bible or something, in front of a robed character, swearing to uphold the Constitution, when it is in effect too late and they are being sworn in. That appears to be not good enough according to our history.

We should be well aware that the presidents, perhaps as commander-in-chief(?), seem to give an order to themselves that anything goes when it comes to guiding the public to believe in things that are factually not true. The truth, it has been proven, they need not even pursue. Part of being a hard decision making god like leader I imagine?

Well this situation has proved fatal to so many, and itself seditious to our country, our reputation, and our present and future. Treason has even become a political tool of manipulation (with immunity with one parties control and a failed fourth estate), something no free country can endure and keep its decency, let alone universal rights or freedoms. Something must be done.


We need a Presidential Pledge of Allegiance to Truth, one made to the public during the campaign. The pledge needs the teeth of sworn acknowledgement and eventual enforcement; that when any harm ensues by the president knowingly, in the face of contrary evidence or doubt, declares something that produces documented harm to be true, when in fact that “truth” is not unquestionably certifiable; that she or he be held to account.

(National security issues under question will be handled by defense and or intelligence committees, sworn to secrecy, their evidence and access on the topic not to be interfered with. Those findings will be presented to the team of judges also so sworn to secrecy, with most severe consequences to be applied to any breaching of the nations private information.)

The Presidential Pledge of Allegiance to Truth Committee, made up of a balanced representation of the US, will demand that congress appoint an independent team of experts on the alleged untruth to determine the validity of the claim held against the chief executive, or they shall themselves so appoint it. If it is found that the president was willfully largess in stating something as true, indicating the truth was not held as the measure of policy, they will be impeached on such offense or resign their post, and a new election be immediately declared to occur in a month(?).  While the line of succession to the presidency steps up in the interim.

This is a simple Pledge of Honesty, not the kind we currently hear about taxes or whatever. We cannot be electing the head of the most powerful, and thus potentially destructive or constructive nation on earth, and allow that person to deceive us openly and at will. Congress does not uphold its authority, it has forfeit it. We are left to our own devices to see who will promise not to deceive us for any reason, and be held accountable for so doing. How can we not, and survive? Are we to represent to ourselves, our military service, and the world as the country that defends deception?


In essence, it is a simple statement; will you not lie, obfuscate, cheery pick facts, irresponsibly plant or accept false stories and information, seek out only your own viewpoint, or in any other way deceive us, the nation whose constitution you swore to uphold? Yes or no, no caveats.

Will you swear to be immediately held accountable for such misinformation being used to manipulate our nation? And will you promise, not to be excused and never do it again, but to step out of the way of the truth, that we have an honest and forthright government. And not one, of characters and ideologies that seek to remake it into their own false image, by employing falsehoods as the fabric of our American creed, hidden behind the Cause of our nations flag. Democracy defeated.

This pledge sworn to the public will be construed as the candidates prime directive, to be implied as supreme law upon swearing in. It will thus be considered a retroactive mandate by the candidate to the Committee on Presidential Honesty, its court and team of judges. Our hearing the Pledge of Allegiance to Truth to the United States, by the candidate, will be construed as fact applying to their office.

This is a matter of saving out nation (and world) from totalitarian ruin. We have witnessed the lack of any authority to uphold the truth in and for high public office. The spirit of this pledge should also apply to any party in office manipulating the nation to benefit its own interest above the interest of a free and fully informed democracy.