It is not what the world will think about the USA. They know of something fishy going on with the US. It is what the future will think; our future.


How is it that we got in this energy bind? Imagine it. President Reagan actually took down the solar collectors president Carter had put up on the White House. Must have been an aesthetic decision right? We had a Mazda car decades ago that got 40+mph on the highway, now we have to struggle to move into the 30mph range, over years of course.

President Kennedy was ready to start World War Three, since the paranoids in his administration could not allow Russia to do to us what we were doing to them. As it turns out, it seems a Russian naval commander of a submarine, I believe the story goes, chose not to initiate a retaliation for the assault he was under, when he had weapons the US did not know they had, letting both you and I use this Internet for our personal use. Thanks, good sense of Commie Naval guy.
(By the way. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, I was a kid digging a large tunnel to shield us from radiation and wondering how to decide who and how many people could come in. This is the same Cuban Missile Crisis that the current administrations Press Secretary apparently HAD NOT HEARD OF!)

But lets go back a bit. Courageous blacks fought during World War Two to defend this nation, where they had been “freed” nearly a century before, and still certain conservatives where persecuting them and keeping them from voting. Isn’t that special.

Then we had president LBJ who seemed party to the fake Gulf of Tonkin attack on us that never happened; another attack excuse to get into a war.

The we had president Nixon, who didn’t mind undermining democracy by invading the other parties offices.

Let us remember Republican president “IKE”, who was gravely concerned over a military/industrial/(congressional) complex, and the fate of our nation. Who said a president could not speak the truth!

(This is no thorough review of presidents as stooges for someone or other.)

Then we had president Clinton, an apparently clueless genius, who would pedantically drone on and on until we wondered where our bread crumbs where. He also was easy sucker bait to a young cutie, as if he were in college and not the chief executive of our country.

Now we have personalities, quite like chameleons, who change views by poll numbers and focus groups, until we have a growing suspicion that they might be Frankenstein.

And president Ford was kinda anonymous.

Then in 2000 we had an overthrow of our way of government, probably aided greatly by the CIA time tested techniques in influencing elections abroad, that someones father was aware of, just my theory. The media playing blind, deaf and dumb, apparently their new job.

We witnessed allegedly losing Democratic candidates, stumble and mumble and fumble the ball, but still arguably get elected and then ejected. Studies indicating; well he really did win, and another time, well the odds are 250,000,000 or so to one that one candidate would have all these discrepancies fall to their side. Sign of an act of God. Right. God wants you to intimidate voters, not have enough ballots or machines for your opponents. That is how God works now?


We are slaves to the media to a great degree. I don’t have investigators anywhere. Media consolidation continues to atrophy investigative news sources and local coverage. It seems now after our stellar next competitors are chosen, the woodwork will begin speaking about how questionable they may be. Hearsay will be equal to facts in context. Seems like a miracle again. Facts have been greatly overrated, when tar can blind you to the truth. Oops. It will be to late by then.


But I was talking about the future. They will surely wonder (if they are allowed to. If wondering is not treasonous or serving the devil), they will wonder where we had our heads stuck up. With the coastal cities migrating inward from the wrath of the sea. The future will wonder; where were their heads stuck up? All those candidates kissing babies. All those candidates saying we do this for our children and their children. Those children will wonder; what were our ancestors not thinking. And why?

Our near future will have candidates telling us how we are the best; the most charitable, the most caring, the most sacrificial and misunderstood non misanthropes the world has ever seen. Praise be to us. World be on guard cause we are the greatest.

We will be shown poor needy individuals who are to be saved if you do not vote for the other guy. These sacrificial lambs will barter their future for this act of acknowledgement. Our candidate will say this is personal; this is for the defense of innocence.

If only history proved this were really true.

GOOD MORNING BELIEVERS! THE SUN HAS RISEN! Well, actually the earth has rotated,

Reading tags is quite refreshing as I drink my morning coffee. There are a lot of sincere folks out there who are bright and creative. Now that we have more free memory, there will be no senility. Darn, I’m sure that is wrong. But I even find illumination in reading pieces from those who make that sort of non logical connection. On occasion, inspiration can come from connecting two disparate facts who on the surface might seem to make sense. Of course, many political or other manipulators, use obvious facts to connect dots that are not real.

Tags are fun when you notice some one reaching into the gray area of speculation with utter certainty. I try to indicate some lack of accurate known context in some of my own speculations, sometimes I do not even know I am speculating, like with beliefs, not knowing one is doing that can be scary to others if they notice the leap of unfounded faith. Faith itself is often construed as this blind leaping off of the cliffs of fact.

Beware of those who say you do not need that (God?) given mind of yours to determine accuracy or truthfulness for yourself. They may say that questioning is a trick by the enemy; be that Satan, the other tribe, liberals, conservatives, those other kinds of believers or non believers.

There is nothing noble about philosophies that ask us to ignore our questions, or one another because we are different. When some one says your own inquiring mind given to you by (God) is somehow always working to undermine your life, something is skewed.

I (we) can and do engage in self defeating behaviors often stemming from our self image or beliefs, that can work against our higher interest of a more truthful, forthright and honestly faced life. Such mistaken self identities seem to be the aberration, possibly absorbed by culture or some environmental assault, that twisted original being into one in some ways, “under fire”.

Many religious traditions seem to try to help the individual to address inner contradictions to gain a closer relationship to authentic self, some have evolved into preserving that sense of “a fallen one” to preserve your dependency on their experts on some future salvation (closer next Sunday). They link you to their effort, whatever it actually is, and hope to keep you on line.

I can not imagine a religion, that says you are finished in your learning and need not come by anymore. (Except Buddhism, which is sometimes not called a real religion, because it is about how your manage your own state of consciousness, and can presumably attain enlightenment/purification to Creation by your eventual clearing of all illusion.) Not ever being perfect enough seems to be a given expectation in most groups. It is a great position to have someone in, if you wish to keep serving them by teaching ways to truths, or manipulating your dependence on an institution and your status in it, be it as minister or follower.

Tags that question the nature of things, are an education in the debates over reason going on in the world; the big world and the individuals inner world. I attempt to merge some of these crossover points between the two, as I believe they are in my own life, on this blog. Do not expect complete, obvious continuity from post to post. It may be political one minute, slide into spiritual, then have a life photo of images I have seen, mostly around my home. Just letting you know that if the next blog seems way off this topic, do not be alarmed. I have not joined a cult!

Been there. Done that.

Good morning from the nations edge.