Someone went and counted the misstatements made two years after 9-11, mostly about Iraq from the White house. Under one thousand!, only 935, not including indirect falsehoods. What a job to count those mistakes(?) that have created so many disasters in real human lives. Words are powerful; they make more than swords.

Apparently a strong correlation was found; that when the administration needed to scare people for political ends; the misstatements spiked. Probably just coincidental I’m sure.

I wonder if any of the characters behind this morass of deception will ever own up or step up to the real truth, not that imaginary conservative world view so steeped in following untruths to the grave. Are lies really just as honorable and patriotic as truths? In conservative abstraction, certainly. It is all about following, very cult or old world-warlord. And then there are apparently, in the assumption, the liberals, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for a visionary liberal. ‘Did we get one? Nah. But we trusted him or her!’

How I yearn, how the world surely yearns, for honesty as the best policy. The opposite becomes equally valid an assumption; government, though it still panders to us for our votes, does not trust us with the truth.

Someone said; ‘Dems look for leaders, while Repubs. look for someone to follow.’ Both seem to leave the citizen at a certain arbitrary mercy. Are we now the inheritors of who ends up on the sheet in the election booth. Go ahead! Pick the less worse one. Citizens have become the not quite all innocent bystanders to the character we end up with. Well, we thought we were actually voting for someone who did things differently. Not my bad! Truth and reality are being obfuscated for a reason.

Is that change concept suddenly all the rage, actually going to fix something? Seems everyone running for pres. is on the I am the fixer train. But where are the tracks?