Someone went and counted the misstatements made two years after 9-11, mostly about Iraq from the White house. Under one thousand!, only 935, not including indirect falsehoods. What a job to count those mistakes(?) that have created so many disasters in real human lives. Words are powerful; they make more than swords.

Apparently a strong correlation was found; that when the administration needed to scare people for political ends; the misstatements spiked. Probably just coincidental I’m sure.

I wonder if any of the characters behind this morass of deception will ever own up or step up to the real truth, not that imaginary conservative world view so steeped in following untruths to the grave. Are lies really just as honorable and patriotic as truths? In conservative abstraction, certainly. It is all about following, very cult or old world-warlord. And then there are apparently, in the assumption, the liberals, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for a visionary liberal. ‘Did we get one? Nah. But we trusted him or her!’

How I yearn, how the world surely yearns, for honesty as the best policy. The opposite becomes equally valid an assumption; government, though it still panders to us for our votes, does not trust us with the truth.

Someone said; ‘Dems look for leaders, while Repubs. look for someone to follow.’ Both seem to leave the citizen at a certain arbitrary mercy. Are we now the inheritors of who ends up on the sheet in the election booth. Go ahead! Pick the less worse one. Citizens have become the not quite all innocent bystanders to the character we end up with. Well, we thought we were actually voting for someone who did things differently. Not my bad! Truth and reality are being obfuscated for a reason.

Is that change concept suddenly all the rage, actually going to fix something? Seems everyone running for pres. is on the I am the fixer train. But where are the tracks?



The bottom is sealed to keep gophers and tree roots out.

Peppers, okra, tomatoes, beans, onions, garlic, leeks, squash, grew there last year in a kinda French-intensive manner.

Holes in top of wall can hold metal for greenhouse or cold frame. At bottom of photo is a barely visible drain which the bottom of bed tilts to. Drainage rock and weed fabric keep drain from plugging,



Me thinks of young and naive. No not Ron Paul, he was by far the best of the second class team. Well, once John McCain was, might be again.

I’m responding to a post that takes history out of context. I get a kick out of when Ann Coulter speaks her wild eyed evaluations because they are in my opinion, so patently unhinged. A total wedge personality with vile as common sense.

Well someone just posted that he’s going libertarian or else Repub. cause Dems. are are the 4 S’s, slavery, secession, segregation and socialism.

Given that then; I cannot vote for any white person of European ancestry, because they invaded what is the US and killed off nearly an entire people, whom I am a little of.

Well then here are the 4C’s; context, context, context, and context.

Most people are aware that since Civil War time, the parties chased after the other guys base, virtually reversing their positions from that time; at least in words and many deeds. It is one thing to live in the past, another to ignore history. I would hazard to guess that most humanist, interested in human rights and human dignity, are on wherever the liberal side is, not necessarily the libertarian.

I do understand and have some respect for libertarian purity; the individual free to be and do what one will as long as it does not counter these same rights in another, not far from the Golden Rule. I also understand that many libertarians moved to the conservative ideologies camp that claimed some of this respect for the individual over the faceless bully government.

If I am a predatory opportunist, I like the libertarian abstraction that I can throw my mercury by-products into a stream. Free to follow my will, but not accountable for downstream results. Hum? The trouble with libertarians in conservatism is that they are often in allegiance with a societal hierarchy benefiting from manipulating the public and or the environment. Just as those bad, interfering liberals do, but most liberal governmental interference is in the name of a common good that is not just an abstraction. If I get a fine for, lets say pouring motor oil into my front river (wash), I would certainly deserve one. Then I would likely be mad at that interfering government, making me out to be a bad guy. Through my life I have seen this opportunism both in myself and in many others. Conservatism current base is a great place to hide these motives. Are you keeping count of their scandals? Mind boggling!

The difference in the debate is not honestly or genuinely where a party was 140 years ago, that is a present day absurdity, I wonder how that becomes a part of someones alleged decision or opinion making, being so out of historical context? Truth and reality are dependent upon context.

In my over 55 years in this county, I have seen the conservative party to be the most deceptive and inept at interpreting world reality. (Not how to manipulate the public. They are expert at emotional diversion.) Now days they, in effect, have their own news channel, and it is filled with ad hominem judgement and no-think opinion given as news fact. Millions ($) go out to conservative commentators to spew no-think into the social environment. Sure the liberals have been pathetic in their lack of unity and connection to their common interest, and have been run over since World War Two. I believe they had no idea that the conservative party would reverse many of their tenets in so few years. In the last 7 years, seek to undermine many institutions that were thought of as being beyond politicization. (Most often they hope for the fewest people to vote! How is that for liberty?) They have challenged and deprived and intimidated legitimate voters. Democracy itself is under assault by those who seem more interested in reestablishing the good old days of authoritarian republic over the common citizens welfare.

Sometimes I’m not sure if we are witnessing the Confederacy take over zombie rise up, or the old monarch state this nation threw off at its onset.

I suppose liberty for the corporate welfare state is a kind of libertarianism, just not the kind the US was created for. OH! I’m going to vote for the alleged conservative party, because their ongoing socialism for the supper rich, is in my liberties interest compared to the allegedly liberal party; non sequitur!

The two party system seems fatally flawed, maybe the electoral college as well. Would a multiparty system serve us better? I would suspect so since some compromise-and accountability’s would flow from their dependence linked collaborations. We just witnessed 6 years of one party rubber stamp that we may not recover from. The two parties have us in a kind of vice grip; one or the other, both compromised by moneyed interest. As long as they see-sawed in power, there seemed to be some mediocre balance. They seemed to work together for some time to address some of the nations full needs, but now the conservative one?

They seem interested in getting rid of both liberalism and libertarianism. How well will the libertarians do under a corporate theocracy? WE have two status quo dominator interest conspiring under conservatism to fix democracy and freedom for good., finished off in the individual citizens sense.

Consolidation of the media into Orwellian totality is good for you? I forget the exact figure, but the tax cut to the wealthy (sometimes disguised as a horrible death tax) was said to actually benefit a tiny fraction of the population (1.5%-6%?), yet after the add campaign it seemed most conservatives particularly were sure they were benefiting directly. “DOWN WITH MY TAXES! THANK YOU PARTY OF THE RIGHT—WRONG! Remember New Orleans? Abandoned in the bathtub is where we citizens will be it their rule ever goes unchallenged another time.

So you think the party of stop the vote counts, stop states rights when opportunism strikes, cherry picked “facts”and falsified information, exposing anti-terror operatives for revenge and swift boat tactics is best for your liberties?