After a good monsoon rain 2007—–Our front yard + dam


Turtles live at a pool-pond that forms in the middle of the lower flow. They may come out for only a day or two some years. Pond lasted nearly two months this last year.

I have created ponds above dam, using sand to make adobe walls and other structures. I’ve taken out about 400 wheelbarrows of sand, lugged 20 foot uphill to house height.

I am a weatherahollic during monsoon season (well, actually all the time). In falls that are wet, I seed millions of wildflowers. Many now come up on their own. Early this last December we had 3 inches of rain. Pond formed for first time in winter at turtles dug-ins. I do not know how turtles deal with that situation. Rains may have come to late for usual fall wildflowers. I wonder what might spring up on its own this year. Sometimes, flowers not seen before, show up under their unique conditions.