After a good monsoon rain 2007—–Our front yard + dam


Turtles live at a pool-pond that forms in the middle of the lower flow. They may come out for only a day or two some years. Pond lasted nearly two months this last year.

I have created ponds above dam, using sand to make adobe walls and other structures. I’ve taken out about 400 wheelbarrows of sand, lugged 20 foot uphill to house height.

I am a weatherahollic during monsoon season (well, actually all the time). In falls that are wet, I seed millions of wildflowers. Many now come up on their own. Early this last December we had 3 inches of rain. Pond formed for first time in winter at turtles dug-ins. I do not know how turtles deal with that situation. Rains may have come to late for usual fall wildflowers. I wonder what might spring up on its own this year. Sometimes, flowers not seen before, show up under their unique conditions.



I read a distinguished post yesterday about taxation. It went on about the nations origin, Jeffersonian Democracy, incomprehensible tax code, and of course the veiled sinister liberals behind all tax. To be fair, it did note that the conservative party seems to have taxes go up anyway. Make no mistake it concluded; liberal bad.

I have brought up these contradictions before between the individuals tax on you called profit, and the states tax on you called tax. Which one really takes the most out of your pocket? And which do you allegedly have some say about? True, you can not buy something somewhere in protest, but then you are without what you believed you need.

There has been a systematic campaign to destroy the concept of the common good, to reduce it to fear based commonalities, particular of the “halves”. It was back in the day; the Black woman on welfare driving a Cadillac, that prompted the nodding that tax was going to no good (cheating) and you are the fool footing the bill.

Well, I will admit I was a fool. Even at minimum wage I was proud to pay taxes. Where else could you get these roads, the military that protects us, the police, even the bureaucracy that is somewhat necessary to connect and run all the projects tax has enabled us to do for whatever reason. I was both poor and proud.

Well, I am a fool if I can not see that tax on the average Jane and Joe is more of a burden no matter which party is in most control. Someone is having an easy time with them overall, to shift tax from those using the country the most, (this includes societal and environmental use), to those who have difficulties making ends meet. Yet tax is a mantra dredged up every election cycle (other times crime or now terrorism) as the wedge of choice against whomever is liberal. Strange how keeping these issues afloat as wedges (including alleged moralities) works time and time again for the conservatives. The issues are kept in a wedge bank account it seems, spent before elections, but them magically often put in a vault, then presto!, back next time. How sweet deception is!

We bear the weight of the ability of the wealthy to manipulate the medium that delivers our information, as well as who have special access to determining who becomes our elected representatives and what they claim to think about. Fooled again! It is so easy. Like taking candy from a baby.


Incredible to have the opinion that if someone gets run over in the metaphorical economic street, I am to leave them as if I had nothing to do with what I have just seen; no connection, no humanity, no empathy to realize it could have been me. That kind of view is on the side of hating your fellow beings. How long is that list of conservative heroes that have been found out to be personal hypocrites? I lost count of the scandals. It is the nexus of cognitive dissonant psychologies hidden under the coves of holier than thou philosophy. Yet even the discredited neo-cons are up and about like the commercial battery rabbit.

No matter that what the guy I am commenting on, loaded the language with our current pre-emptive military arrogance forged by the neo-con ideology (based on bully psychology) being called “American prowess.” That “prowess” is leaving us with a bill who knows when your children and grand children will be able to pay off. Along with intelligence assessments that our enemies in this fight have been greatly enabled by our self defeating efforts, at the additional cost of thousands of heroic American defenders lives, as well as tens of thousands (if not 100’s) of the nation we invaded. Reality in the end abhors deception and ignorance, this mandates that history will expose these false gods.

We found that our starvation and containment policy brought about by two previous administrations worked, and strangled enormous numbers of young and old alike, leaving bad man Saddam a pathetic relic of our previous allegiances. Stranger again, that the guys we entrusted with managing this all were the very ones who set up the disasters in the first place. Fooled again.


But back to me being the fool. Unlike those who hide their wealth in offshore mail boxes, (and now with globalization, simply go where tax is not an issue) I still appreciate the infrastructure that is falling apart. I even like the cheep goods that are all I can at times afford. Yes, they save me money and move jobs overseas, mostly to China, where they work for a pittance. I benefit from the tax on those poor Chinese in the form of low wages. I can see the opportunistic seduction of cutting my taxes. We are easy bait.

There seems to be an odd correlation amongst many; that the more they make the more they resent taxes. I can see why they stream into the anti-tax allegedly conservative party. Greed works its magic on you by rising your dreams of higher status. This is a common human occurrence across history. Once you are in the “oligarchy” or imagine yourself so endowed, you seek to preserve your position. One is then status fear based and not concerned with the health of the whole. This is how separation/alienation work. They amputate one from the whole. Then fear of loss becomes a prime motivator for surface possessions particularly, and your access above your fellows is all you have to live for; that and ones truncated love for ones diminished “own”.

Off topic. My bad about being foolish. I am a fool if I do not think tax reform is of essential importance. I am of the mind that we need (Oh No!) another cabinet post, (no that would be politically poisoned), we need an institution that is independent of party politics (however we can agree on that) and accounts for the expense accounts of all branches of government, especially oriented towards bureaucracy, including turf control of agencies that carry on duplicate task. The “fourth estate” has proved incompetent, and with conflicting interest unable to stand up for the public good. The tax code change would need a strong progressive feature. That is only fair.

Why? Don’t the wealthy deserve what they get? Yes and no. The wealthy are also contaminating and eviscerating the commons more than the average person. From carbon footprint to resource depletion, to the destruction of the planets entire environment. They should be held accountable for their actions, which in the end, we will all pay for if we survive as a species.


I will also add that most wars are created by conservative forces battling it out over earth share; physical or spiritual. They thrive off of us against them nationalism, tribalism, and spiritual identity validity. In short, they thrive off of fear and insecurity, reptilian like assumptions that feed off of defensive-aggressive paranoia, to manipulate society conceptual matrix to its point of view.  Life, The Universe, God if you will, these absolutes do not incorporate the false into their manifestation, the false comes with its self poisoning perception, one that will drain itself and be left with nothing.

If that tax cut wedge works on me. If I am so down in a self centered hole, or think funds going to help make a better life for those who are in need is somehow the works of the evil one, I am afraid I will get what I deserve, ultimate permanent servitude. With no further say on the matter.

With so little time left on democracies clock, it is time to get to the heart of the matters of the nation. I am not making political decisions just based on the tax issue. I would love it if by ignoring the needs of others, things were magically taken care of. Until that time, I need to pitch in to make a better world. Optimism and change can become infectious. Heck, the neo-cons had that in a convoluted respect. What is required is accountability based responsibility, and the faith that together, big problems can meet their solution. These are life and death issues now for everyone on earth.

Have some wedge issue bait? No thanks!