To all young or new poets out there; do not judge yourself by response from official poetrydumb. This is an order from BAB PLASTIC ICONOCLASTIC.

(Yes back in the day when I entered such poetry contest, I won a few times and got paid–a little)

(This post will be going through revisions to see how one writer proves evolution by word. Well, lets say evolution may be proving to go in reverse, verse. Yes. Some pedantic verbosity will make the poem more? Me? Yes, poetry is taking to oneself.)


When someone judges you in competition, you have no idea what kind of day they are having and how that skews their perception. You may not know that they really only like poets that write like they do. You may be completely oblivious that they may like or dislike rhyme or sentiment, and throw your poem in the garbage just because of that, or even typing errors. I have heard wonderful poets lament on the lack of response to their queries, to the point of giving in on their work!

You may actually be a rotten poet, so what? Be your best rotten self. Become the virtuoso of rotten words, one day you may become a hero (or villain) for doing your thing. At least you were true to some expressive interest of yours that did not surrender to “authority” with its hiding baldness long gray curly locks, and ruffled socks.


I found that it was only upon getting into my 30’s that I found my so called “voice”. Strangely, in just one old 20’s poem of mine it was there, so persistence may have its value for you. In my experience; putting the whole notion of writing poetry aside for building a life reservoir from which to sail your poet boat, might just ring true some rainy life day, when your soul sees the rain as your own tears. A time may come when you have thrown your fears over a cliff of hesitation, and now you are ready to leave shore (inside you boat of course). But be wary of fishing in that lake, no telling what has washed into it.

I had the opportunity to judge poetry one time. It was an exercise in going beyond my preferences and bias. These days with so many kinds of poetry and intentions behind writing, I found myself going for the ones that pulled me in and surprised me someway. Still a bias I am afraid to say, but I said it anyway. One can get stuck in rhyming. This is known as SIRS; or stuck in rhyming syndrome (no not really). Sometimes the only cure is to just say no. HO. HO. HO. Now stop that right now!

{Thinking of more vivid descriptions of lake, what a rainy day might mean, importance of being authentic, self bio. on how I sent poems to a contest  and sent along my “worst” poem once (a straight forward off the cuff fiction ramble), suspecting that somehow it would be a winner, and not my passionate heart felt ones from real life-and it was! I then declared my independence from such silliness. I have only entered two contest holders national annual events.}