Something to that effect has been said. I have to challenge a predominating point of view to even think of that as being true. Truth can be institutionally hidden from view. In my life; challenging what I was raised to believe was off the boards, until one of them hit me in the face metaphorically speaking.

Well then. Suddenly truth seems different than what was believed. You thought what you believed was true. Now you are on your own. It was so easy to just be conservative, to just trust what you were told, perhaps what parent and preacher had professed as beyond question. Much less daunting than the apparent free for all of existentialism.

The competitive press seems addicted to never getting to the true heart of matters, the resulting insecurity focus is addictions best friend. I would like you to know that you were born with the truth and into it. Now it is up to each of us to find our ways back. In that sense truth is relative and cannot be known in the sense of imposing it on others. I can say that water boils at a certain temperature, period. But am I clear of connecting factors; is something in solution in the water and by the way what barometric pressure did you imply in your temperature number? And then what unknown unknowns are not known? Who knows? Claims to truth need to be both tempered, and left with an open view into the blackness.

Well, your atoms and molecules at least are on a mission. Life is asking you to stand up in your own integrity and figure the truth given right to you by it. Or do you believe the universe is actively trying to keep you in the dark? Rose, or myopic, or arrogantly elitist glasses might need be broken under your own foot to stand up to what life ask of you. This takes courage and strength, and something as a higher purpose. I will admit, I am not always up to this task myself. There is no fault in humility that still seeks to find self honesty. Without a sacred center (your vision of highest value, possibly beyond words to express), I can be irrationally lost in a cosmos of connection.

WE are both victim and hero in this regard; our hearts have been hurt likely along the way, we are protective and defensive of these wounds, with what seems like a pragmatic sense of separation from the full connections to others. Yet since whole truth is all inclusive, (such as including science and religion as part of one great thing,) we must somehow, and seek out those ways how to, bridge one heart to another.

Now let me posit an observation for you to put up my last statement; how much of the news is presented as a means to unconditional understanding? Is not much of it terror based; fires, accidents, criminals, terrorist, fear of terrorist, unsolvable need or threat? So much of what life offers to us all, while we stare at fears narrowly focused hourglass, is passing under the bridge in torrents of meaning. The sun, the grass and trees, a cloud, a fish and even the night stars; they too are you. How distant are they?



Cable News loves the fight, particularly the skewed battles set up in their issue conflict programs. We are not looking at them for real truth seriously resourced via journalistic integrity. I’m crazy if I think that is what I am getting from them. Conflict and fighting are what best threatens attention to not divert itself from some significant win, loss, or looming personal danger.

This is why the ad hominem jockeys are fuming at the mouth on these shows; without a fact base, we must steer perception by emotion. The best at this connect you to a warrior mindset. They are exposing the Goliath, and their words are the presumed rock in the slingshot–our hero! You will be caught by this trap if you buy into the emotion they are projecting. They must somehow align you to the impression of their cause. Funny how the most referred to plea is the——–FACTS or TRUTH.

Much of the media presents itself as if there is a constant war going on, and I’m afraid there is; a war to dislodge the public from critical thinking. Critical thinking requires me to think what other motives may be at work in presenting a fact. It has become challenging to discern when a true fact is in its true context. That is the rub! Destroying the context can leave one with the so called truth along with the so called facts, yet the deep connectivity of reality in true context is not to be assumed in this or any presentation. I am able to think for myself. If I do not, I am in some ways some kind of fraud.

Another important way the media steers reality perception is in its very choice of subject. Our whole civic dialog, cultural impression, perceived needs in and of society etc. often rest in some corporate executives hands, or slight of hand. To not be aware of this bias…?



I am a bit confused how the top blog on WordPress remains CNN Political Ticker. Is that the trusted news source?

I’m thankful this Sunday morning that I do not depend on Cable News for my news, a mind is a terrible thing to waist.

First this post was gong to be about obfuscation in press and presidential candidates. There are very few who will answer a question directly, instead skipping over to whatever they are comfortable at in the popular sense of it–an Idea they think the public embraces.

As in swift boat tactics, and as seen repeatedly over many years, the press does not do much truth hounding on its own; it waits until someone establishes an assumption. This assumption is usually created by some opponent of someone, their motivation for creating the issue remains buried like most of the facts.

Candidates have to fend these spears off whether they are true or not. Rovian tactics know that tar is not dependent on reality, accusation leaves its sticky mark as well as any journalistic, investigatory pile of facts and connection. In politics, lies are best disguised as half truths, or theories thrown at people (guilt) and they are left to fend off some blame, deserving or not.

The amazing thing is; the better a candidate is at diversion, lying, and denying (even in the face of proof) the better they seem to do. I is as if with reality being unplugged, we have come to rely on our “gut instinct” back up batteries. I think some of those need periodic testing, since they might not hold a charge.

Where oh where is the proof to my theory? Just take a look around. How is your stomach feeling?


To all young or new poets out there; do not judge yourself by response from official poetrydumb. This is an order from BAB PLASTIC ICONOCLASTIC.

(Yes back in the day when I entered such poetry contest, I won a few times and got paid–a little)

(This post will be going through revisions to see how one writer proves evolution by word. Well, lets say evolution may be proving to go in reverse, verse. Yes. Some pedantic verbosity will make the poem more? Me? Yes, poetry is taking to oneself.)


When someone judges you in competition, you have no idea what kind of day they are having and how that skews their perception. You may not know that they really only like poets that write like they do. You may be completely oblivious that they may like or dislike rhyme or sentiment, and throw your poem in the garbage just because of that, or even typing errors. I have heard wonderful poets lament on the lack of response to their queries, to the point of giving in on their work!

You may actually be a rotten poet, so what? Be your best rotten self. Become the virtuoso of rotten words, one day you may become a hero (or villain) for doing your thing. At least you were true to some expressive interest of yours that did not surrender to “authority” with its hiding baldness long gray curly locks, and ruffled socks.


I found that it was only upon getting into my 30’s that I found my so called “voice”. Strangely, in just one old 20’s poem of mine it was there, so persistence may have its value for you. In my experience; putting the whole notion of writing poetry aside for building a life reservoir from which to sail your poet boat, might just ring true some rainy life day, when your soul sees the rain as your own tears. A time may come when you have thrown your fears over a cliff of hesitation, and now you are ready to leave shore (inside you boat of course). But be wary of fishing in that lake, no telling what has washed into it.

I had the opportunity to judge poetry one time. It was an exercise in going beyond my preferences and bias. These days with so many kinds of poetry and intentions behind writing, I found myself going for the ones that pulled me in and surprised me someway. Still a bias I am afraid to say, but I said it anyway. One can get stuck in rhyming. This is known as SIRS; or stuck in rhyming syndrome (no not really). Sometimes the only cure is to just say no. HO. HO. HO. Now stop that right now!

{Thinking of more vivid descriptions of lake, what a rainy day might mean, importance of being authentic, self bio. on how I sent poems to a contest  and sent along my “worst” poem once (a straight forward off the cuff fiction ramble), suspecting that somehow it would be a winner, and not my passionate heart felt ones from real life-and it was! I then declared my independence from such silliness. I have only entered two contest holders national annual events.}