For blogs out west like mine, there is less exposure to your fellow bloggers, particularly right now on the east coast.

Right now some are tucked into bed, I trust not seeing this as it is posted. It might be a great sleep aid however. On a cold night a computer monitor buzzing next to you might keep you warm. I hope that is not the case.

My post will appear for one second on the just posted page, while in Boston someone is dreaming of tomorrows nightmare of a day, that will end up turning out much better than expected, no thanks to me.

Such is the ordinary life, immersed at times in its own little world. Somewhere back east, back in my future hours, at a dull point on night watch. There it will be: ORDINARY LIFE, and he presumably will think; “What’s that about?” With a click of a finger he reads; “What the hell is this guy talking about?”

Then it will slowly happens. His eyes grow heavy. The monitor seems to waver. On a cold and quite night, sleep will creep up on the watch-person. Snowflakes may be landing outside, for a brief moment they become an alien invasion. Eyes snap back open. The realization occurs that; “I could get fired by reading this guys blog. What is he, a hypnotist?”

And so will another leave from this blog, onto their ordinary life, which they might now wonder; “Am I really ordinary?” From there they continue wondering what is ordinary at all.

Riding home near sunrise they think of those getting ready for school; and those now getting on the roadway; where are they going? They’re going somewhere to take care of something. How wonderful is that!

Getting home perhaps a kiss to the kids going of to school, a few, too few minutes with his mate before she’s gone for the day. He sees how ordinary she is, how extraordinary.

She is a bit concerned as she departs for that tear in his eye. “Is something wrong? Should I be worried? He seemed kinda tender, as if he had missed something.”

Getting into bed he makes a little promise to himself; “Let me never again take for granted, my astounding, invaluable, ordinary life.”



I thought I should grab your attention right off the bat.

Liberalism started the USA; breaking free of old ties and mandates on the individual to stay “in line”. We were set up to begin to be as free as can be without government or religious interference yet under the rule of collective law. Most founding fathers were Deist because they saw what institutionalized religion could evolve into. They tried to protect the individual from having his (our) spiritual choice taken from us.

A famous fascist said it well; ‘Fascism is really corporatism’; companies in cahoots with government to manipulate populations to their allied companies interest. Good old warlord back scratching alliances that effectively “lock up” the kinds of freedom available. These conservatives are by their very nature against liberalism as it applies to the individual. The republican president “IKE” warned us about their immanent danger to democracy; he knew what money and power’s seduction does to the human soul. Let us note that he was going to call it the military/industrial/congressional complex. I guess that would have been the end of his popularity in the public domain, guaranteeing a blacklisting of all good things “IKE”.

Both of our political parties, thanks especially to corporate manipulations of elections, are deeply indebted to the money game, or promised corporate favor later. It has been said that lobbying our elected officials is the best deal in town and country because they are bought out so cheaply, a fantastic return on the dollar. Our conservative party, in particular, has become the conveyor belt of special corporate interest–including the corporate media.

The media is being consolidated against the public interest of diversity of information and ideas, hence stiffing the information needed for responsible citizenship. We never hear of windfall profit tax anymore, or much of the poor. get what you can out of them, get them over a barrel and threaten their lifestyle, hence self esteem/wellbeing, if they don’t pay. This is public water boarding of the psyche.

You can only get away with these eliminations of our freedoms by threatening you with that freedom as the source of the problem. Many religions, as they fight for souls, (or is that market share?), accuse liberalism as being the source of your confusion, or, the corruptions of others values or morals.  Much conservatism is intrinsically against freedom and collective accountability, preferring to codify the lone individual as the beginning and end of responsibility when this suits cognitive dissonance rationalizations on the liabilities of others.

It is true to some extent. Freedom is a challenge to everyone; are you going to be honest or not? Are you going to take more than you give? Do you care what your actions (carbon footprint for instance) are doing to terminate future life as we know it? Or how about being “free” to throw a cigarette out your car window and not be responsible for the burnt homes and charred lives after? Some so called conservatives do wonderful things in the moment, and all through their lives. While some so called liberals are predators taking advantage of others lives. What you call yourself does not necessarily correspond with reality, while fantasy if a free for all.

Here is where cognitive dissonance purveyors know how to sell a soul by access to us via the right medium. Conservatism in the US is notorious for this, with the corporate media paying certain mass media characters fortunes to spew the seeds of ad homonym logic into our stressed emotional fields. And yes, some so called liberals do this as well. We humans are not always aware why we side the way we do in our self concept. In times of fear, real or manufactured, we depend on those who seem to be authorities (know the truth(?)), and so hold realities higher ground above the odds of delusion. This can be a Faustian bargain!

Observe the religious pandering of the right that is also spilling over to the left. I am a spiritual person myself, but essentially in the way that lets you draw your own spiritual conclusion about religion; of God or gods or not. I am for your freedom of religion. Some now have the opposite view of whose religion is real. I call this kind of “conservative” pandering from the pulpits as hyper-liberalism. Not a better and improved liberalism, liberalism is as the US–messy, contentious, many voiced, plural, encouraging of dissent and tolerant of those who are different, compassionate towards those who are in trouble. Quite the position of Jesus Christ.

Yet many so called Christians are now effectively erasing the legacy of Christ in the name of being different and holier than others, followed by a Praise the Lord! Some seem to make themselves into a golden calf and I’ll while thanking Jesus for their good fortunes. They are loosened and disconnected from what they presumably follow, and they have no verifiable truth for their positions–hence the term hyper-liberal; without a reality core that is verifiable by critical thinking. It is beyond broad-minded to no-minded, just assumption upon assumption called the unquestionable truth, or worse regarding their own accountability to the Whole–sanctioned by the Constitution or The Bible with more expansionary assumption and interpretation being called The Real Truth.

So Close As To Be Rendered Invisible

Predators, who are clever, know the best way to take advantage of your life is to do so in open view, while pointing out that someone else is taking advantage of you or innocence. It has currently become a monthly ritual as we discover another conservative who have been found out to be doing the opposite of what they preached. Indeed these leaders seem to put themselves into positions where their own inner denial, is persecuted on distant others in the world. A corrupt method of trying to make up for your own perceived sins by hiding them under the covers of accusation, then seeking to exorcise others as the problems essence.

I believe most conservatives are trapped in this spiritual immature state, kept their by un-faced and so unresolved deep emotional self issues. When caught, how they have blamed everyone and thing else (generalization), pleading for their own innocence, calling to their fellows owns hidden senses of lack. Boy, oh, girl does that projection ever work!

Liberalism is now at battle between both totalitarian interest and libertarian ones that prefer anarchy. Anarchy, like communism or fascism, expects in its adherents some perfectly peaceful world where your life is finally free to be what it was meant to be. On all levels these extremes have proven naive in the worst way, yet seduce the new and the old as easily as they ever have. It seems we are reverting back to conditions where gossip, innuendo, and especially fear, maneuver public perception at the controllers whim. The American experiment itself is under unrelenting assault, predators learning from their mistakes (except the one where they always self destruct because they are established by and in deception).

I (we) are played as fools and act the role, while our sides candidates tell us how so God like we are who follow them. Oddly, we are, in my view, all connected directly to God, Creation, Spirit, LOVE, whatever one calls that which manifest life. It seems absurd not to make this connection, yet we are free to deny it and unfortunately suffer the consequences. I must support that freedom because it comes with birth.

That is the essence of freedom. I can say I do not believe, I can be wrong, and still live a life. That life will be filled with constant reminders (if blinders are removed) on how to get back in connection to the Whole of Creation, however you feel that connection

With freedom we are not robots. What good would that be? Our life would be no different than that of a rock. We are endowed with creativity, the chance to be wrong, the chance to learn, the chance to forgive, even a chance to understand what we fear, and the chance to acknowledge change; a change that may seem to rip our hearts open, only to find they see reality as never before. Now that is a challenging blessing, where a life can fail, yet be given a chance all the way through to the apparent end, to succeed.