Time burst its usual constraints

space clung onto it as they spiraled

event horizon shimmering

with round becoming linear

flat was collapsing

origami like contortions

streamed up mountain peaks

in the eagerness of cords calling

how had this math found a voice?

unseen angles

making all the difference

between deafness and sound

night ink and white fire

the profound had become

the misunderstood commonplace


that ever-present driver

was drunk with mistaken identity

its crash shattered ancient illusions

whose glassed mirror was no longer real

love broke though disintegrating barriers

careening into everything

without below or above

forever complete immersion

quarks, quasars and quantum quintessence

aligned in alphabet soup

were letters really soul?

bounded by vowel and consonant?

was consciousness dimensionless?

how could I have missed it?

were we ever in it?

or out of it?

and if not where?

how had we become I?

the mistake became the question

the truth was revealed as nothingness

positive and negative on the same coin

we could not be

but we are

on the edge of a wave

its little secret

so well hidden I could not believe

it was love all along

just LOVE

and nothing less.




OK. It was near nightfall. (I had a gray theme at the moment.) I guess this could be the polar bear in a blizzard that had dust from New Mexico taken up from an atomic test in the 1950’s. Making it quite an historic event as well.

Someone had to do it.

It might as well be me.

And if I might say myself.

My best blog to date.

(Remember the plight of the Polar Bears, is no joke.)


United States of America; new dictionary definition:

Known as the USA, this conglomeration of a nation has gone bad on its reputation. It once stood for solid abstractions, like statues, these were called freedom, freedom, and freedom. It all depends on your view of what freedom is.

Freedom is red and or blue, mixed up its more a dingy gray today.

Most of us are too busy to spend 40 hours a week checking the facts. There’s the rub! And we are thus over a barrel, a barrel of oil and who lets whose ideas out and who has the dough to administer our infusions of select notions into the potions that lean our impressions into our choice for digestion. (That last sentence was a tolerance test to see if bad writing influences your pursuit of ideas, actually this whole post is.). Then we eat the stuff cause it is all that’s on the table.

Along comes the blognation army of all manner of good or ill mannered know enough alls, like meself, who write in ways we click off, or tick us off, or even better, we ignore.

In the USA, it is now the citizenry who are reduced to cartoon characters. It has seemingly always been that way. If you kiss a baby you are OK with me! Am I really pencil lead?

Be seen at church, or praying-eyes closed a must, and claim to be an evil angel, I mean evangelical, and I pull the leaver, press the button, scribble in the oval, that kinda looks like it is across from my holy man-woman. Presto! Freedom (our kind) and salvation in one ten minute finger flapping finale! Line up those Fs’ cause that is the grade we deserve. Give me the I voted stamp. Give me a head clamp.

They were piling up on the poor woman so I switched my vote to her. Well isn’t that nice. Is that the sense of responsibility our citizens have acquired from where? Reality TV shows?

I am irrelevant enough without being insulted by this information on my cartoon life presumed by the hyperbole media-ocrity. I am such a fool in fact, that I am about to watch a Democratic debate in a few minutes. Why do I do this to myself?

We need a psychiatrist as president, that should be the first qualification, second qualifications should be being an exorcist, a definite must. The person should probably be a woman, since they are usually more broad minded by design, and not looking for or pulled around by that testosterone high. Unfortunately this election might be the exception example that defeats the woman rule.

In fact, we probably should draft a president from a list of conscientious objectors to the presidency. These rare but qualified leaders should not be allowed to skirt their responsibility to lead cartoon USA. They could not be less qualified than what we have come to know of an allegedly real president, or vice ridden president.

I have to get off-line, since excitement and two dimensional reinvented characters are about to prove how similar they really are in different ways. I hope dinner isn’t so cynical.

Happy Voting on your favorite character.