Growing up I did not know

And from hearing hip-hop

the same would be oh so

but poetry need not be

rhyme and time

and this word-


You can be free

saw the see saw into dust

shake formulas from your mind

stop thinking that in a rhyme

there is something special

about your life and mind

by making the numbers fit


you can free your minds reach

find a word your heart yearns for

not some formula that binds you

down under on a slave ship crew

rowing to one subscriptions beat

makes one in union bittersweet

mathematical mechanical bull

a word drilled within wheels

and sound spiked deals appeal

within these numbers game

noise that types out same

it was the mnemonics

rhyme is so, well


links the mind to sound

the enticement of finding pattern

within sound that is found everywhere

it is a calling to be heard in an echo word

words can transcend these reflecting things

bring raw connection of vowel and consonant

meanings mixed and merged in primal soup

making word energies boiling in you

turn into an awakening light

beam into someone else

like never before, or

but chains must be broken

not fearing rhyme as a token

free to be as you are spoken

the real you strong and true

in free voice or free verse

sing song along dong

can make great music

but sometimes singing

is not where the heart is at

you just saw a mountain top

lost a greatest love

free words

like your soul

may not be playing games

you might be raw and freshly bit

a poem as a flag planted on feeling

a bandage coming to a wound

a prayer to an Almighty

all of it there

the love

the losses

a most common day

full of future emerging

perfect things converging

only you can say your way

let the words fly high

and far away.