Ruddy Giuliani, for instance, is Star Treks Quark, the Ferengi. Kinda has his vibe. His avatar should have Quarks face. Fred Thompson’s could well be that tall guy on the Adams family, the one who answers the door. Dennis Kucinich would be that advertisements character that would make the presidency and democracy like that cereal Lucky Charms “magically delicious.”

Now it is up to you to pick who would be who. Barack Obama would not be Star Treks “Worf”, maybe Chakotay but that’s not for me to say. Who would Hillary be? Don’t ask her cause she’s not quite sure.

We could go to past candidates as well in the more advanced avatar selection. John Kerry could be perhaps that mother rock that ate tunnels through solid rock on the original Star Trek, yet was sort of invisible, camouflaged, or otherwise obfuscated, a rock amongst rock, but breathing. Spock could translate. You be the judge. Don’t leave this difficult task, this hard work, this mission unaccomplished up to me.