Good day to you.

It is mid morning here at a point on that line that defines the shape of the USA.

It is above freezing and rain is suspected in the near future but not immanent. I will be going to Home Depot to pick up several bags of cement to use for finishing one stretch of some free-form steps and “stepping stones” I am doing for someone. Then tomorrow I will go back to texture them to make them look old. My neck and back will then have met their limits, not being the sprightly youth I once was. My neck is already complaining from yesterday as I bend over typing on my notebook while listing to the Weather Channel… Now that is excitement. I guess our bodies carry the past with them like sedimentary rock, being eroded or redeposited that is.

We have heard that our soon to be new Persian cats operation went well yesterday.

If I feel alive later I might enter another one of my pontifications. I have yet to attempt to transfer my files from another computer, since it has been said there are now with Macs Leopard OS the lack of ability to read its old non Intel based files. Mac OS 10 did change its “Classic” files into ones that work on System 10. Soon to see if those transfer.

I am still watching that game show that lives beyond the writers strike, known as the Presidential Primaries. The plots have been quite like a bad soap opera where reporters point when someone says a politically inappropriate word or idea for the point of view they are alleged to have. Then we judge who is to be or not to be, or so we trust, for democracy and predatory capitalism are not compatible.

There’s my first morning post. And still I was a pundit!



I once judged the advancement of humankind (in the 1990’s), especially here in the US, by the new Christmas lights that did or did not come out every year. Every few years seemed to bring out something new; a string of lights that was supposed to be icicles=we are moving forward.

Now this is a change from when I sat and waited for space launch countdowns, after those initial pinpoints of light; “Look, right there! There it is! That’s Sputnik!”. Our Echo One and Echo Two reflective space balloons(?) were exclamation points from heaven. Around the earth they went and we were on a roll. When about ten years old I thought by the time I was forty (1991) we would surely have our own personal space vehicles. National Geographic or some such magazine showed us an example of the flying cars we would soon be driving or swishing in by the late 1960s.

Others were optimistic about the offspring of the “Space Race” too. A TV show was called 1999, or Space 1999, and we were to be well on our way to exploring the outer solar system by then. Of course the Movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey, was confirmation of that optimism regarding immanent space exploration and the scary side effects of artificial intelligence, plus what appeared to be an abstract light and iconic image show romp through the Big Meaning of Life as icing on the celluloid tape.

Optimistic fantasy and paranoia sometimes come as alloyed elemental parts of the same coin. Each scientific advance and or invention comes with its assumed blessing and its potentiality of a curse. We have, however, walked on well meaning ants without a thought of their demise under our foot.

If we view life as a conglomeration of separations, we are all guilty of terrible things happening somewhere to something just because of our existence in a vibrant and fluid environment. But there are boundaries to that indifference. Walls seem to exist; there is ignorance and assumption that can be problematic. There are those unknown unknowns, something science and pseudo-science are occasionally inventing or discovering. We live in a culture that in effect worships science and invention above “Gods green earth” even while chastising the evils of secular presuppositions. Our elections and political parties now seem to be steeped in distinctions between people of faith and those godless secular humanist while in effect the latter can have more faith and belief than the former.

I have an unpublished book (not finished) entitled: THE ENERGUMEN. It is a broad look from a US citizens perspective about the nature of fear and insecurity and how opportunist and predators (worshipers of separation) use ignorance and bias as stepping stones to their own ego glorification. They prey on the populations of earth at large to limit the power and influence of——-LOVE.

We could well have been a space faring species by now if conservative forces did not reign in Islamic scientific advancement way back when. We may well have been able to have been one by now through other historical attacks upon Intelligent Design, of which one could say science is direct evidence of.

We were all at that “Big Bang” an infinitesimally tinny initial emergence smaller that any piece of one atom. We may have spread out, but we have never lost contact with “Source”. Our notions of separation, alienation, us and them, and the apparent irrationality of others, are themselves mere demonstrations of ignorance and presumption based on the assumptions of faith in irrevocable surface difference as alien.

In this Whole Universe, with its infinite cohesiveness even in the face of entropy, where water is the same in you and I, (after about a year every being that was has shared its very intimate own molecule’s with you,) and iron, and calcium and on and on, we seem trapped by that apparent otherness space-time offers as a means for revelation.

With forgiveness can come insight, insight into my own growing heart, indicating the possession of an infinite variability of consciousness to challenge the seemingness of cause and effect as assumed. What is sometimes called a free will, may be the spectrum that manifest between right and wrong. The springboard of both truth and lies, and all the uncertainties that leave us guessing. We can not only change our knowledge with enhanced information, and so our opinion, but our mind and heart as well.

The proliferation of ignorance and cherry picked truths are useful tools for manipulating the uniformed. Information access is essential for understanding the nature of the world and the heavens. If you would push your own child away from the path of a speeding car, it is possible you would be interested in pushing a speeding asteroid away from the earth. As much as I love nature and many of the diverse cultures that may be changed forever by a global space program to save the earth from extinction, that very program may be humankind’s future salvation; to continue to discover the unknown, and honor what we have been given by being present and alive, and able to change.