This is that commercial famous (Justin) Mac. guy on the left, and Drew somebody on the right. I believe they are both movie stars. It is the older guy in the middle that this blog is about(in this post). I do find both stars to be what one might call sweet or charming in much of their work.

The guy in the middle is a friend of mine by relationship; he is my partners sisters husband. He is also a lot more than that.

He is a natural host and entertainer. He has been high up in corporate America. He has both wit and intelligence, plus the sense of warmth that you see the stars perhaps responding to. They are there for the opening of a movie his son is in.

He is an excellent cook who made the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had, years ago in south Texas. He and his wife have been recreational pilots, and can be said to both help companies get their acts together. In fact, he is an excellent Web site developer. He has also had to endure many physical challenges in his life and repeatedly come back fighting for the best.

I once suggested to him he could have a show on the Food Network. I know of his passion for food and his willingness to share all his knowledge on a subject with intelligence, humor, and entertaining finesse. I have not known him (in my understanding) to stretch or go beyond the facts. That is always appealing to anyone interested in the truth, no matter what it is. Being interested in the world and people, like a good host would be, he often has something relevant to offer on any topic.

I really do not know how the two side stars are in their everyday lives, but the guy you see there in the middle, is a real one.

(That guy in the middle sent us this photo with others, being glad and there for his sons achievements.

I have mentioned on my post how I have been both mistaken as certain movie stars, or told I could or should be one. That ain’t going to happen, but I am kinda glad to know some people do work hard in the acting profession who I get to keep tabs on. Their families can be glad for them and encouraging of their development, as in any other way we encourage someone to follow their bliss, as Joseph Campbell implored.

I do not worship “stars” or even wish I had become one, but you will notice that I have managed to make someone elses success, somehow rub off on my post!

Some people probably think I am the most humble and understated person they know in the public sense. But on my blog. I am the decider. Humility, be quiet there backstage.)


Anyone who appears in photos on my site do not necessarily know of or share the opinions therein.}



{the unwritten but understood bottom lines sifting democracy out to sea}

(My comments are essentially a one note song. My opinion of this is; the truth bares repeating, because falsehoods are proliferating like E.coli in a petri dish. That is my point of view that is.)

10 Qualifications:

1. Do not fundamentally challenge the status quo.

Well who are they?

The powers that be in your town, your state, your church (assumed majority). In other words; status vested individuals and cliques, especially moneys freedom to keep itself to itself, and increase itself as much as possible. More or less the cancer philosophy, consume until nothing is left, then die. Hopefully you will be gone by then.

2. Allow the office (government) to atrophy, along with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Bible or other books and papers if need be. They are just papers after all.

Well what good is that?

The chief executive is not to hold corporations accountable for dominator based globalization and its world wide impacts. The exploitation of the underclasses always required to do the hard work, the kind with real stench, sweat and grueling hours to boost the profits of CEOs and shareholders is to be condoned. That is our lifestyle, or more popularly; vital national interest.

All of government associated with social welfare and health (aside from the violence (terror) supported institutions) are to be strangled in the proverbial bathtub, UNLESS YOU HAVE A SUPPORTER THAT CLAIMS PRIVATIZATION WILL MAKE THEM (AND SO YOU) RICH. MR OR MS HEAD OF NATIONS CEO.

3. Pressure “lesser” nations for their resources to maintain your societal stability.

This may require pre-emptive actions, and historically, much behind the scenes subversion of democracy and authoritarian regimes. Pay-offs and promises of support, monetarily or militarily, handles, lets say 95% of this task. Elimination or invasion, the rest.

4. At home, or Homeland, Fatherland, Motherland, Christianland, wherever and whatever Orwellian time you are in, media companies will subconsciously always present their profit making bottom line philosophy ahead of any other population segments interest.

Fourth Estate down for the count and out of the way.

But that is the free press?

Right. Free in what respect? Not the free flow of ideas and information regardless of political impact. But free to make money any way they can by having you read or watch their stuff, and be stuffed with it. This is cancers way, I meant to say, the way of growth and prosperity. Yea! That’s the ticket!

5. Preside over, and not interfere with the continuing segmenting of society;

Red or blue, soccer moms and Nascar dads, people of faith or secular heathens, Bible belters or coastal elites, generation X-Y-Z or the greatest one, hawk or dove, militarist or terrorist enabler, tree hugger or pro business, and on and on. You name it and we will get an opposite for you to sap your energy away.

There you go. Feel helpless enough yet? We are going for apathy here, so many can just feel democracy is not about some melting pot and collective optimism for all. That’s it. The more things change the more they stay the same. All politicians lie. Disenchantment. Perfecto!

6. Claim you won the election to unite the country to address our common needs. Ask for the support of all to fix and return our country to its promised land.

That being said; you purportedly have just 100 days to try to get your agenda through. Then all special interest are to have at it. From now on you blame the other party for everything that goes wrong. All seemingly going well is to be claimed all to your credit. This is the Law of converting loss into diversion to gain in the smoke and mirrors screen game.

The “free press” then is engaged with an apparent tug of war between conflicting interest. That gets old! Sports and entertainment become the exciting venues of change that seem important. The media then, consumes you with these diversions.

7. Develop potential to freeze that newfangled collection of Internets tubes, Internet bloggers and pundits use, who can be said to be undermining the nations (your top elite donors or voters) cause.

“Is that legal under the Bill of Rights? Hello! Haven’t you been listening? That’s just another piece of paper, like a ballot used to be. Duh!”

No one was allowed to stand up for long to the documented 935 distortions of a presidency in just two years time. After a terrorist incident, (real or imaginary) you are tared as a traitor, or leftist, or fanatic, to question. Corporate media bias is to reinforce the side perceived to control their privilege and purse strings. Censorship and propaganda merge into the consensus viewpoint.

Citizens then have to seem to themselves to go against what they hear and see. Usually this feeling only goes so far, before it seems inherently self defeating. How many are willing to stand up in front of a tank as that guy in Tienanmen Square did? I’ll tell you. You probably do not know anyone who would. Who stood up for the two compromised and manipulated elections of recent history? How about if suddenly your credit or money was refused everywhere you went? Point made. Bye, bye Bill of Rights.

You know what control of you will look like? It is invisible! Censorship like it is in China, but better. Everyone else will not notice your deprivations. For a while people thought the Web would become the new Fourth Estate, where direct information flow would enhance both truth and government. That had to be neutralized eventually.

On the Internet, for instance, your stuff will vanish from site(s), eventually won’t even leave your keyboard. The same for anyone else who uses your cue words or questions. Most voices will shrink from implied terror as they always have. We are going for the best control factors of all; survival fear and paranoia. In this land of collaborative citizen cowardice, we know who I am.

Uh. I’m going to stop here at that one.




….and that students, is just one found example of a personal view at the time, of how the land of the free and home of the brave, became the land of the completely controlled (subconsciously) and home of the constantly fearful. We must understand how fear altered reality perception for our ancestors, to the point of reversing their values and substitution of insecurity based reactions; the food for opportunist and predators alike. They became as putty in manipulators hands.

For instance; the liberalism of Jesus Christ was turned on its head to such a degree, that empathy and compassion for all, and turning the other cheek or loving ones enemies, were considered by many Christians to be the workings of Satan.

It was a stunningly deceptive time.

That is why we now have the understanding of these manipulative technologies mandatory in all school settings. We must inoculate ourselves from deception, or by hook or by crook it will come back to haunt us. You don’t want to become the target of some predatory interest that has you set up like sitting ducks do you?

Thanks for that loud; No way!

That will be all for today.

Remember tomorrow to bring your book on Contrapuntal Reverse Psychology Logic Strategies. Also the pamphlet on The Use Of Emotion To Divert Attention Via Contextual Relativism Of Facts And Statistics.

There is some written homework.

In your own words, write one page, with an example, on how Rationalist can use empirical evidence to promote their own existential ends as proof of a fact that is, in actuality, a fallacy. Please make it convincing, as if you were looking for converts. That means make me a believer.

Do not forget to read the compilation of articles in the file; ALTERING INDIVIDUAL IDENTITIES IN ORDER TO MANIPULATE THE APPEARANCE OF FREE WILL INTEREST TO CONFORM TO ANOTHER’S DESIRED IMPRESSION. Read this by tomorrow! It is essential reading for proceeding toward the test on Social and Cultural Matrix Manipulation coming up the end of next week.

Have some fun before this class tomorrow!

Have even more this weekend if you have signed up for the ferry to Disney’s Moon-Base; Earth View. Maybe next year the school will get a field trip to; Dark Side Rover Wild. We’ll see.

But get those study periods in!



We no longer have any guarantee that our vote will be counted= not a true democracy

There is no fair platform for the consideration of governing principles= not a real democracy

The fourth estate (implied above) has no need to consider the poor or disenfranchised= no democracy

If is fair to say that volume and repetition, can load ideas to one side while seeming balanced= undermining democracy.

It is about money and how our future will be as servants to those interest, and not those of the Bible, the Constitution, or any Bill of Rights, or whatever your high ideals are grounded in, be you conservative, liberal, libertarian or from that great middle of nowhere.

Either we understand the pollutive effects of our attention diverted by moneyed interest upon our own consciousness, or we pave the way to you know where. All with outstanding intentions, or just ordinary fear based greed.

Insecurity feeds the mother of all deception. Ignorance impregnates her with offspring who are the carriers of darkness. There lanterns seeming bright as hate. Illuminating negative pathways, convoluted and leading to the the way of persecution.

Where am I walking?


Who are the blind tourist of which I speak? They are the one issue voter tourist, the special interest voter tourist. They are blind and being led by the same, to the cliff of democracy voting tourist. Their vote is that next step off of what we might call the free (relatively that is) individual.

Their political, and thus social and constitutional myopia, is so severe, just one issue determines who they vote for; the man, the woman, the tax cutter, the balanced budget promise, the one who chainsaws, the one who looks like he prays with our crowd, the business man-woman one, the one who poses for pictures with someone who looks like my kind of friend, the one who has a dog like mine, the one who smiles a lot, the serious looking one, the one my favorite interest group endorses, the one the paper says is the best. All these and more are the blind tourist guides of what is left of American freedom, liberty and collective responsibility. Those essential ingredients of a true democracy.

Issues that are presented to us by a compromised media are not the only issues facing our nation at all. Amazingly, as I write this, the first vote counts are coming in from Florida’s Republican contest. These come with one interest only caveats; McCain will benefit from the ex military living here, Huckabee by the evangelicals living there. What a way to make a vote choice? If we remain about how many interest our country can be divided into, well, there is the recipe for conquering. How in the world am I a responsible citizen if I only will vote for someone who, lets say; had the same job as I? Where is the ship of democracies lighthouse? It is in you.

I receive some replies to my post that mention; ‘Well I am voting for the one who, (fake issue) who washes its own dishes after eating. Anyone who does not do that is not worthy of my vote.’ Another proud American opinion with a cloth wrapped over the eyes, pin in hand to chad dangling tail on the donkey-elephant. Spun several times, then pointed forward into the abyss.

We have issues so fundamentally relevant to the value left in our supposed democracy, that being willingly guided by our pet issue is tantamount to surrender to whomever you like; the monarchy, the communist, the fascist (same as corporatist), the theocracist, tag the authoritarian/totalitarian one, cause that is what we will find at the bottom of the pledge not to ledge, shatter boned and numb dumb struck.


It was once said that money is the root of all evil. There remains insight in that statement.  Those who point out that I am wrong here in my assumption, that if was love of money, do not know how seductive idol abstractions such as money are–they hold deception and good in the same object.  While money is a symbolic focus object of effort, it cannot help but hide its true history beyond effort; the tricks played via ignorance, and this ignorance in action is evil no matter my good intentions.

The life ensuing or being empowered by the tricks embedded in moneys DNA can lead us to greed and envy; a sense of lack and neediness; a feeling of failure or euphoric entitlement. Kept just poor enough, and we here in The West have no time for discussing the sell out of the fourth estate. With empty pockets and bills to pay, I can have no time for musing over whether my vote is being counted at all. Working two jobs, when does one have time to read past the newspaper or the news show? Aren’t they covering the news?

And oh how I can resent being taxed, when someone seems to be getting something from the government that I had to work for! I resent it no matter how rich I get, nor how quickly I forget how others helped me along the way. The more I have (and so love to get!) I seem to resent it more and more. How easy a mark I am then, for anyone knowing how to take advantage of my money ideology all wrapped up around my eyes and life. How simple for them to point the way.  ‘Hey! Look how these low lifers are taking from you and giving nothing back!’


If we do not comprehend how money influences our views of the world and ourselves, we are indeed in the dark. We are then the prey buried in the sand, blindfolded head not knowing what the little bites are. The rope that lands near us is of the one throwing the noose around democracies neck. When pain is so close, it is even more tempting to grab the life line, later to find; I had been fooled again.

So vote your gut? Not at first sign of queasiness. Listen to the candidates code words; are they a conglomeration of special interest or a more inclusive vision? Do they seem capable of doing what they say with a passionate heart, and not the Kremlin kind? Does their plea to you go beyond asking you to open up even to those you would rather not think of? Do they do this, not when just holding your pocket book as bottom line, but holding your heart to heart, to care for other lives? Are they trying to keep you in perpetual fear? If so, you will so be kept blinded to the light and afraid. Love has Light and Fear has Not.

If you have no time to do these kinds of reflections, search in your communities for someone(s) who might be willing to enlighten you. At least that is a start to return back up the legacy of what has been eroded under our watch.

Find the time to care about the value of your vote before it is just considered, as a “conservative” president once said; “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a g-d- piece of paper!”














I just read an angry post allegedly by;{ The New York chapter of NOW just released this press release about Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama:}

To make a long story short. They claim to have both thanked Kennedy for some of his support and had forgiven him for many of his poor moves and compromises. Now he is against women for picking a guy over a woman period, with exclamation points!

There is something terribly wrong with “progressive” politically correct politics, if race or gender is the only criterion for voting for a candidate. We already have people, good people, who vote for their(?) religious candidate, proclaimed by some authority as authentic, just over a claim.

NOWs NY chapter goes on to call Kennedy’s endorsement of a guy, a betrayal. Is it now a betrayal for a Jew to vote for a Christian or the other way around? Perhaps voters over and under 50 should not vote for those on the other side of that fence.

Frankly, I believe Kennedy would endorse Obama over Bill if he was running, that would then be a betrayal of what, your own race?

Now my opinion of the two candidates has its ambiguities; both represent barriers in need of breaking. No offense to Obama, but I am of the mind that we would all be better off if women ran most of the government, overall they prove themselves much more responsible for life than men in general. I have a slight suspicion of Obamas on high speaking tone, oratory hints of Kerry, I wonder who they think they are impressing, or talking down to?

I am even more suspicious of the political style and associations of Clinton. The campaign has made me both more sympathetic to her as an individual, yet more suspicious of her ways of manipulating logical connections in debate (not looking forward to many years of that!) and her glowing promises so representative of Mr. Clinton. Doomed to the same fate?

Now don’t mistake my opinion overall; conservative interest of the world feed of of their turf conflicts. That Republican notion that the terrorist win if you vote Democratic, is actually the opposite of the case. It is the surety of no understanding, thank you very much, between vying conservative dominator ideologies, religious, socio-economic, or political, that generate converts to each sides cause. Keep fear alive! This guarantees perpetual conflict instead of working on the underlying solutions to the conditions that breed the fanatic mindset. How are these groups going to fit in with the corporations, and religious attempts at globalization, guiding the battles over earths resources; human and material?

Even though I believe Obama would break two barriers in the US that would be symbolically helpful in the general war on terror and inspire some who felt permanently left out of the presidency (as would Ms Clinton’s), democracies public remains water-boarded; with elections compromise by hidden techniques and unverifiable recording; control of ideas deemed valid, manipulated by wealth’s access to social functions of society; and money determining candidate access to the public to a great degree. Just three things overthrowing democracy that I hear nothing from the candidates about. Not to mentioned the undermined, compromised, and so, failed fourth estate, which was to be our guarantor of free flowing information and ideas necessary for a free and forthright nation.

But betrayal for valuing your reasons over what one thinks you owe them for their alleged loyalty to you? What has that to do with the truth we are in so desperate need of to live from facts rather than fiction?



I would come home at lunch from grammar school in the late 1950s and watch “Love of Life”, I believe the soap opera was. It seemed like you could get closer to the life of actors and narratives that you were not fully aware of in your own life. I also liked seeing the pretty women. Before you knew it, you knew who were the good guys and who were the bad.

I did not revisit the soap opera phenomenon until the early 1980s. It was even more clear what the basic reoccurring lesson from them was; when bad people manipulate, things go bad; when good people manipulate others and situations, things can easily go bad.

It is an addictive scenario if you identify with the narrative personally, some actors have even been assaulted for playing the bad guy, fans thinking the narrative is accurate to who they see.

I got tired of having my emotional strings repeatedly pulled this way, same reason I stopped watching almost all sports ages ago, I did not want my testosterone strings pulled up or down over narratives that amount to nothing in the real world. I have my own real life to lead and there’s not that much time. I know, these phenomenon do direct their influence into the real world, but I am not the addict supporting the habit.

I do wish that the worlds political leaders were soap opera connoisseurs however. They might have learned something about manipulation of power relations and how it inevitably backfires. But on the soaps, you can see the power of manipulations seduction as believable emotional fantasy: When someone tells another on the soap; “I won’t let any harm come to you! Darling. My Love!” It means, not only will that promise be broken (future cannot be guaranteed), but it probably will be directly related to some action from the loved one with the promise. As in politics; promises, promises, promises, especially after we manipulate the situation to teach someone a lesson.

Unfortunately for the lure of manipulation, it has a snake eating its tail like inspiration of the benzine ring, it becomes hard to tell which action started the linking reaction. Around and round we go until what is true begins to seem like a dream.


Remember how in childhood, the one called a tattle-tale was not popular. This individuals emotional narrative is one of insecurity, perhaps an impression they were always to relay the truth, and maybe persecution real or imagined. They tell an authority figure to gain respect and honor points. Even if true, authority gives them a point for relaying a truth, but might tell them not to be such a tattle tale! Why? They know how the other kids are adding up negative points for them, and one day may be that negative payback.

In grammar school I was in the extreme troublemaker class, known to drive the lay teachers to extinction, leaving the room in tears. On occasion, the next days were spent with everyone writing lines all day long, cause we would not “squeal” on a gang of boys who we knew would “get even” with us.

(This classroom was like the riotous ones in movies. After the thrown pencils, rulers and books, overthrown desk and vile words on the blackboard, chalk and papers everywhere, it would seem as if we had endured a tornado, something that room would actually one day experience.)

The authorities (teachers) manipulation was; everyone deserves punishment for not, in effect, bringing vindictiveness upon themselves. We then lost most all respect for that authority, even if they were the boys real target—-to pick at a perceived weakness=their manipulation. That class was my 8 years of same classmates, just another year of hell at school. That lay teacher one year allegedly left education as a profession after her breakdown. The bad boys remained triumphant, proving life is not fair?

But what have they learned? They did not know or care how the rest of us (and they!) were punished or held back in our missing education. They did not care, seemingly, what we thought of them (except that we did not “cross” them), but I bet if they have not changed from this kind of gang loyalty reasoning they had, it is their lives that remained in hell, even if they have a big white house, title and fancy car.


A small but right portion of the population in 2003, knew from what they had seen and heard as proof, that the upcoming war was bound to backfire from professed abstract emotionalized narrative. That small number, knew the ways of the bully and the ways of deception, they were right out in the open! If you knew how to pay attention to what is true and what is manipulation masquerading as fear based truth, a kind of shame was felt for the easy followers of overt deceptive tactics. Those followers considered the truth itself–anti-American. Cable networks became the reverberating megaphone of false associations, and finger pointing and innuendo as to those who questioned trickery called authority.

We were set up like soap opera characters or fans who think the script is real, or wed to “our team” allegiance, to believe in something false as factual, if we felt bound to the characters narrative. Transfer that narrative to the nations own alleged security interest, and the might makes right plotters plot was hard to resist.

Citizens seem to have come to their senses some, too much is set up against them(us) to not fall victim to false narratives again. They will look so compelling. A promise to keep harm from us, or some other fundamentally flawed extension into the future, that our insecurities might mistake as a ladder, out of a bottomless black hole we had some part in manifesting.


Check the dial please! Stand back from propaganda impersonating the truth, and Jingoism dressed in patriotism’s flag. Those bullies are aways out there. It is your patriotic duty to question authority, by having a healthy critical mind. It is up to you and I to clear our heads of a seeming narratives fog of attachment to what seems near, reliable and full of promises only a God could give. Change the channel, clear the mind, research the facts in the attempt to discern truth from smoke and mirrors called your interest. Get out of the addictive cult and act like the free and independent light you were meant to be.

If we do not do this, we will go down with the lie, only this will not be a trivial TV show or other entertainment competition. It will be our lives, and those of the future.