Ooops! I have a blog. Now the whole world will change. Here at the last and or first house in the country, depending on your perspective, a few more leaves will fall. Don’t worry. I will keep an eye on them for you.

There was this blog novices first mistake. A title is not an article. Note to self; wake up. Next note; don’t be so hard on yourself.

This blog will have political and philosophical undertones, sometimes very loud.

No. I am not an oxymoron, just a regular one. We are greatly underrepresented in blogdom, probably because most of us are world leaders with positions of great ego motivation masquerading as authority. With status and power or else loads of dough, there is little time for sitting in front of a textual mirror to talk to invisible readers we imagine have enough leisure to sacrifice the precious moments of their lives to read the likes of this. Fortunately for me, I have none of the aforementioned attributes. Thus I lift up the heavy but invisible mantle of the not oxymoron, just the regular kind.

But wait!

May each day start a Happy New Year for you! If you have the time in each of those New Year Days, stick a Christmas every day in there too, that way we’ll all be happy. The spirit of Christmas that is, because if we gave each other bunches of gifts everyday we would all have the carbon footprint of a T-Rex. Then where would we be?

It’s 8.30 pm and I must have some dinner before I say something else I might regret. You know. In the future I look back and say to myself as a non oxymoron. “Can you believe you said that silly stuff, with democracy under fire, the constitution being deleted, people wandering the streets in search of food or a piece of cardboard as a nights cover, and all the institutionalized myopia that has me worrying about my own needs rather that the whole big pictures?”

Yes! Now go eat.

That’s me telling myself; the first note of consciousness is self control.